A stud needs a fem

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A stud needs a fem

ed Apr 5, Messages 46, Reactions15, 8, Alleybux 37, I'm a fem and i want a pretty fem badly. I attract fems that i am not attracted too. ed Jun 8, Messages Reactions 19 2 4 Alleybux 50, La Mercy said:. Click to expand ed Jun 14, Messages 23, Reactions 6, Alleybux 9, Didnt read after you said i am a femme. Because of femme invisibility. You need to wear rainbow not in attire but maybe a lil bracelet or necklace something subtle.

You know thats our twat al. And i attract fug femmes too and hood femmes just all wrong. Bitches shaped like the Tasmanian devil and shit. Looking like ices brown. Or young melo in a dress. Im like ewl why? ed Apr 15, Messages 1, Reactions 2, Alleybux 58, Wear a bunch of rainbow earrings, weave, pants and a shirt that says "fem looking for fat booty fems". Beatrix Kiddo.

ed Oct 22, Messages 2, Reactions 9, 49 45 Alleybux 85, I need tips too. ed Jun 9, Messages 17, Reactions 71, 1, Alleybux 41, Try going out to clubs that femmes frequently also there are meetup groups for femmes who are attracted to other femmes. ed Jun 5, Messages Reactions 73 A stud needs a femAlso you ladies cant sit there and expect to be approached you need to make the first move.

Or watch that phat ass walk out ur life. ed Jul 23, Messages Reactions 13 1 Alleybux 92, If you're cute wink: wink: Serious question. Do you smile at girls you like? A lot of fems I've talked to did it on fb, but when they first met me in public they didn't smile or give in subtle cues that they even liked girls. ed Dec 16, Messages 6, Reactions 6, 52 Alleybux 65, ed Sep 22, Messages 5, Reactions 8, 1, Alleybux 72, Mr Loopy.

ed Jul 27, Messages 17, Reactions 30, 1, 1, AlleybuxMISSterZ said:. Also you ladies cant sit there snd expect to be approached you need to make the first move. ElizabethKane said:. ed Feb 26, Messages 22, Reactions 57, Alleybux 1, BLKExxxotical said:. I'm not a lesbian, but hi.

ed Oct 19, Messages 3, Reactions 1, 21 15 Alleybux 48, Well don't just randomly approach any girl you like.

A stud needs a fem

You might get jumped. I kid The first fem i dated was online but she was kinda chubby in person and had a mustache. If you fit the description. ed May 10, Messages 4 Reactions 1 Alleybux 1, Good lord, how old are most of you ladies? Sorry, but many of the replies in here are extremely immature. I'm a femme who doesn't date other femmes, so unfortunately I can't give you any tips on that.

But I will say that perhaps you need to look beyond the surface when seeking someone to date. You said you met a young lady online, but she was kind of chubby in person. Well, is being "kind of chubby" the worst thing in the world? Was she a good human being, did you have things in common, did you have similar goals, etc? I understand that there needs to be a physical attraction, but a pretty face and a fat booty will only get you so far in life, and they don't last forever. At some point, the person's character and substance or lack thereof should be assessed as well.

I have a feeling I'm quite a bit older than most of you, so I guess that's why I just don't get this mentality of only looking for eye candy. But I guess if A stud needs a fem just looking for someone pretty to lay down with as opposed to an actual mature, adult relationship, then nothing I just said really matters. As for the woman on here calling other women bitches Come on now, what's the point of showing that kind of disrespect just because you aren't attracted to the person? There is nothing cute or funny about calling another woman a bitch. I'm 5'7 and i prefer girls who are my height and taller but ive been with shorter girls.

ed Aug 5, Messages 8, Reactions 29, Alleybux 1, There is stiff competition for a pretty black woman with a big booty. You have to open your mouth and approach them.

A stud needs a fem

Kindred said:. Kim Possible. ed Apr 1, Messages 4, Reactions 40 10 Alleybux 21, I feel you OP. The only femmes who ever even look at me twice are big, blotchy skinned, nappy headed, loud, flubber shaped, buffalo faced, and hella gap toothed. Like, okay, I know I'm not gorgeous, but damn I just want a nice body, pretty smile, pretty hair, big booty, and big titties. That's all.

ed Feb 28, Messages 2, Reactions 2, 2 1 Alleybux 36, I think it also depends on geography. Depending on where you live, it can feel like looking for a needle in a haystack. My advice -put yourself in a place where you can meet a femme lesbian and hope for the best.

A stud needs a fem

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Why can't I get a fem? :(