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Sabir Shah, a student at a Lahore religious school stated that he was sexually abused by Mufti Aziz ur Rehman for over an year. Religious leaders who hold a major sway in Pakistan society and have often been found to paralyse the country demanding public hanging or punishment for culprits who insult Islam, have this time around found themselves in a sticky situation as Boy sex in pakistan abuse incident inside a madarsa rocks the nation.

Shortly after that, a video surfaced and went viral on the Internet, in which another child complained of sexual abuse involving a Shiite cleric. Religious uproar on issues relating to blasphemy or any action that would be considered as a deliberate attempt to ridicule the Islam, has more often than not paralyzed Pakistan with violent protests by hundreds of thousands of followers of religious leaders issuing clear and open threats to the government to meet their demands of capital punishment for such transgressors.

The recent statement by Prime Minister Imran Khan regarding less clothes on women would have a "sexual desirous impact on the men", was seconded by many religious leaders and scholars, who said that Pakistani society is based on Islamic values, which do not allow women to wear less clothes in public. While religious schools and their leaderships have shown their clear public strength on such issues; the recent case of sexual abuse of the young boy from a religious school saw fingers pointing towards the situation in the religious schools and religious leaders in the country.

The recent incidents cannot be considered as isolated events as ina nine-year old boy was raped by a cleric in Pakistan's Punjab province. Inanother cleric was arrested and charged for raping a minor. Ina year-old disabled girl was sexually assaulted by a cleric in Multan city of the Punjab province.

The list of such cases goes on and has kept increasing with every passing year, prompting for calls and demands of ability. People are blaming religious seminaries and the clerics for using the religious institutions for their vicious sexual desires, a claim that is vehemently rejected by the clerics, who refuse to concede that their educational institutions or clerics are at fault.

As per estimates, over 2. Experts say that many cases of child abuse by clerics in madarsas happen because the clerics know that the child's claim was less likely to be believed. This prompts the children to not report such cases of sexual assaults," said Dr. Naila Aziz, a clinical psychologist. It is also a harsh fact that when it comes to ability, the powerful political position of religious organizations and their clerics, saves them from being put through the ability process as per the law of the land.

Whenever there is a case registered and a process of ability is initiated against these clerics, they use their power and intimidation to stop it," said Nasreen Jalil, former chairperson of the Senate Committee on human rights.

The Boy sex in pakistan power tool that these clerics have is accusation of blasphemy against the person, who would try to probe deeper into such claims of sexual abuse. On the other hand, religious parties, clerics and their institutions blame that such claims of sexual abuse of children is targeted at defaming the religious practices at large by secular organizations.

All clerics and religious parties have condemned such acts and demanded that those responsible should be brought to justice. The matter continues to be a seriously sensitive issue to debate in Pakistan as the power of these religious seminaries on the streets, the massive following of the senior clerics, political strength these clerics carry, which makes them desirable to every political party who wishes to come in power, is massive.

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Boy sex in pakistan

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Child sex abuse in Pakistan’s religious schools is endemic