Camden town drugs

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The area is at the heart of a brutal battle which has left vulnerable teenagers dead and whole communities in fear. Lookouts are stationed to the south-west on Malden Road, while to the north youngsters on bicycles deliver pre-ordered cocaine and heroin. Well organised and seemingly able to easily entice recruits, it has a ferocious reputation locally.

Earlier this month Camden witnessed three murders in five days, shocking a capital increasingly inured to deadly drugs violence. His Camden town drugs, say sources, believed he was a member of QC Blox but it was a case of mistaken identity. To trace the roots of the current volatility, investigators have gone back to 20 February last year when the territory of QC Blox was again targeted.

Abdikarim Hassan, 17, was murdered at 8. These crimes prompted calls for greater police protection and demands for investment in youth projects and opportunities. I got assaulted on Malden Road a few days ago. For instance, he said, the absence of free school meals during the school holidays could push poor pupils into running errands for gangs. Between August and July more than 4, crimes were recorded around the territory of QC Blox. Although the garments are black, the darkened stains of blood were easily detectable. During the attack, he was robbed of his drugs and now Isaak is in debt to his suppliers.

On 8 September the teenager was arrested in a flat just over a mile from Camden. This time his supplies of drugs were confiscated by police, placing him in deeper debt. Released on bail, Isaak has since disappeared.

The last thing he told his mother was that he was going to get even with the men who attacked him. Please refrain from making similar requests. Children from London, confirmed the force, had been found during drugs raids in Bedford, including a year-old from north London who had been classified as a victim of modern slavery.

Working closely with the Met, the unit is headed by Kimberley Lamb who said her first priority would be looking at pupil referral units and care homes where vulnerable youngsters are targeted by gangs. The mother-of-five was soon walking through the various gang fiefdoms.

Nearby is Camden town itself and the lock, visited bypeople each weekend. Inside, drinkers said they had developed a system for keeping the peace. The Observer Knife crime. This article is more than 1 year old. More thanpeople visit Camden Lock each weekend Photograph: Alamy. Mark Townsend. Sun 22 Sep Reuse this content.

Camden town drugs

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