Dating a peace corps volunteer

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Posted on August 15, Let me clear the air by stating that Peace Corps is not a dating service nor a marriage agency. With that being said, there may be some truth to the saying that when you surround yourself with people on the same mission as you- I suppose it can be relatively easy to fall for one of them. Peace Corps Volunteers are grouped together in cohorts and sent to developing countries for our service.

I met the other 34 members of my cohort in Philadelphia, then we all hopped on the plane together to South Africa. We all fall in to 1 of 3 : 1.

I came to work, to immerse myself in my village and to try to make an impact in whatever way I can. Saving the world and such. After being in country for a bit, I quickly realized that Peace Corps can be like an extension of college life. Volunteers work full-time, most weekdays, but when weekends come around, we look for every opportunity to get together with other PCVs and rage face for 2 days before starting the cycle all over again. There are a lot of Dr. We have to travel several hours on public transportation to visit each other, so visits are not simply for a few hours only.

If you think you might have a connection with someone, you spend an entire weekend together to explore that spark. These guys are partially just being asses, but mostly serious. The host country females are on this same hype too. Why does everyone think America is so great? If they only knew the truth. This entry was posted in EditorialLife of a UnicornUncategorized and tagged americachickscountrydatesdatingguyshostPeace Corpsquestionsrelationshipsromancesinglesouth africawild. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google .

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Dating a peace corps volunteer

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