Dating site dilemmas

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The advent of social media and online dating brings with it some dating dilemmas that our parents never had. Here's our top 5.

Once upon a time our dating pool was mostly restricted to the small selection of potential dates around the office, friend's often slightly dodgy single pals, or even worse Our choices were based on a kind smile, a coy look, or a knowing glance or invite. Nevertheless, there was the assumption that you had some background information on your potential partner to get you started. Dating wasn't a plunge into the complete unknown with no point of reference to get you started. Today the possibilities to find love are endless.

From the all round, to the innovative, to the niche, you can really find anything you're after these days.

Into men in uniform? Enjoy extreme dating? There's even a site that will help you hunt for a sugar daddy! This broad range of possibilities is great, but if we're honest, can sometimes be a little exhausting too! How do you find 'the one' amongst all that noise?

Back in the day, if someone down the pub caught our eye, we'd have to rely on subtly enquiring about them, until we hopefully! With so many modern advances, it's almost impossible to know what the dating etiquette is nowadays Is Dating site dilemmas okay to look up someone's Facebook profile before you go on a date with them or is that invading their privacy? How long should you wait to text someone back after a date Once you're dating how long shpould you wait to update your Facebook status, lets Face it, it's a public announcement that basically says 'I love you'.

In many way, today's choices have made our lives easier but these can often seem overwhelming! Sometimes it's helpful to remember that there's not really a right or wrong answer to these questions and it's down to what you personally feel happy doing - as long as you're comfortable, that's all that matters! Remember when dating meant the next few days were inevitably spent locked in an agonising debate of whether or not to leave the house in the fear that you might miss that important phone call.

Nowadays the various ways we have to contact people is mesmerising, mobiles, texting, Facebook and Skype mean that we're always contactable but what's most appropriate? Is it too soon to be texting in the run up to a first date or will a phone call seem over bearing?

On the plus side there's no more Friday nights hanging around the house waiting for our date to ring! On the down side however, new messaging services like What'sApp mean that we can more easily keep tabs on people. If you can see that your potential beau has been online in the last hour, but you haven't received a message in days, then chances are you're going to become a little discouraged!

Before the meteoric rise of social media we could go about our lives without the fear of 24 hour surveillance. However, with the introduction of the likes of Twitter, Facebook, What'sApp and Snapchat to our lives, things have most certainly changed! We all know that online personas aren't necessarily indicative of real life, but sometimes it can be easy to forget this! Flashy Facebook profiles can not only be intimidating, but also at times misleading. Social media also poses the issue of the fact that it's hard to completely cut ties. After a break up, unless you're strong enough to unfriend your ex, the chances are you're still going to be confronted with pictures of them and of your happy time spent Dating site dilemmas long after you've broken up.

It's far too easy to find yourself wallowing through old snaps after a heartbreak and that one extra glass of vino dangles the temptation to pour your heart out over We're not saying that our wish for a few more hours in the day is anything Dating site dilemmas, but life does seem a little more hectic these days and instant communication doesn't help.

Gone are the days when we had hours to spend penning long love letters, today we're lucky if we manage to find time to pencil in date night with our partners! Managing careers, family, relationships and friendships is one tough balancing act! Okay, so more independence and choice is great, but there are so many demands on our time that it can be tricky fitting everything in!

Dating site dilemmas

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Top 5 Modern Dating Dilemmas Our Parents Never Faced