Dating sites for people with ms

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Kathie Eldredge was 33 and newly married when she was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in Fifteen years after the diagnosis, however, her marriage ended and she began to think about dating. Though her marital problems had been unrelated to her MS, Eldredge feared that her disease would be a turnoff for potential partners—particularly the gait issues that require her to use a cane.

Today, Eldredge feels much more at home in the dating world—thanks to her realization that everyone has issues that may make them feel self-conscious. Norman says. For Amy Matheny, a year-old Aurora, Colorado, resident who was diagnosed with MS in and who is now living with the progressive form of the disease, building her self-confidence meant figuring out who she is and what she wants out of life.

Managing your symptoms can make you feel more confident about dating, and enable you to relax and enjoy the time you spend with dates. For instance, untreated depression may make you feel undeserving of a relationship.

Certain symptoms, such as bladder or bowel issues or sexual concerns, may make you feel embarrassed or uncomfortable with dating.

While groups or other resources that are geared specifically to dating with MS are rare, Dr. Norman says dating can be a topic for general MS support groups—but it may take some effort to find the right group, where people may feel more comfortable talking about their dating issues. You can also start or conversations about dating with MS on MSconnection. The National MS Society also offers a program called Relationship Matters, which can help you improve your communication skills in any relationship.

Meeting Mr. Is revealing your MS diagnosis in the same category?

That may depend on how visible your symptoms are. Matheny, whose muscle weakness and spasticity makes it difficult for her to walk without a walker, is, by necessity, an early revealer. But not before she physically meets someone. They married this past June. Photo courtesy of Amy Matheny.

Joel was diagnosed with secondary progressive MS in Although his major symptom—impaired memory—is not readily visible, he still had trouble finding dates. So he ed up for OkCupid. It made me feel depressed, like no one loved me.

Joel was ready to give up dating, but then Amy replied to a message he had sent her via OkCupid. Amy had had her own depressing dating experiences.

Eldredge, who uses match. Norman says these sites can have positive aspects. The advantages to dating with MS Eldredge actually uses her MS as a screening tool for potential dates. It takes us to a different level of conversation. In many ways, Eldredge feels like MS has made her a better potential partner. Tags: Spring Finding love when you have MS.

Brooke, left, diagnosed in Open toolbar.

Dating sites for people with ms

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Dating with MS