Dating younger girl in high school

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By thefootSeptember 2, in Dating Advice. I have always thought that all those older guys dating all of the girls my age were sleezebags, and that the girls dating them were doing it because it made them feel cool, more mature, older etc. In fact this was probably my biggest pet peeve. But now I am one of those older guys, and there are several girls who are showing interest in me. They are all in grade 9 though and I am in grade I dont want to be one of those sleezebag guys and I dont want them to like me just because I am older.

At the same time I would like to date some of these girls and they are throwing a lot of attention at me. Should I be going out with them? Yes of course you should be going out with them. Girls mature faster than boys that's why they are taking a lot of interest in you. That is what i have been thinking but there is still asmall voice saying I shouldnt. All of the girls my age who are going out with older guys are much less mature then I am.

I dont want to sound full of it but it is true. They think that getting drunk and smoking and drugs make you cool. To be honest I think the whole Girsl mature faster thing is a bunch of nonsense. I will try it though and hopefully it isnt jsut because i am older. And if it is hopefully soon they will like me for me. Then date a girl whos is mature and who doesn't think that getting drunk and smoking and drugs make you cool.

You can pick and choose who you date. Dating girls younger than you isnt a big deal. When i was a freshman I dated a Junior. So did a lot of my friends. LIke everyone said, girls mature faster than guys I would hope so anyway.

But, find someone that interests you, forget the age difference, enjoy high school. One year isn't a big deal at all. Just make sure that those girls don't want to go out with you just to be cool. I don't think it's bad or your a sleazebag if you date younger girls. One of 2 years isn't even that big of a deal. There should not be a problem dating younger women especially if it's only a year apart Hey, as someone who got out of high-school not that long ago, I have to wonder why you would worry about something like that in the first place I can't even say you're old-fashioned, because it's always been the norm for girls to date older guys.

I dated guys that were years older than me when I was in high-school If it makes you feel any better, my parents have actually told me more than once that they feel much better knowing that I am out with someone who is older, more mature and responsible. If its only a one year difference, then that is not relevant. It it was a grade 12 er dating a grade 8er, then that would be questionable.

Actually that happened in my friend's high school. Everyone though that it was weird that the grade 12 er was dating the grae 8er. That aslo reminds me of when I was in grade 8, and one of my class mates a guy had a crush on a grade 12 girl It's one grade. That's absolutely nothing. Honestly your in tenth grade these girls are probably physically more mature than you are. I mean if you had birthdays in the right places you could be two days apart and there could be girls in your grade that are 11 months and 29 days older than you.

Ok I know this is unlikely but bloody hell your overthinking this. Thats the msot crazy irrelevant period of time ever. I don't pretty much any inter-highschool dating is a big deal even if you were in grade twelve. What about a senior dating a sophomore? I've noticed girls staring at me and they're sophomores I haven't done anything, cause honestly not only I'm I older than them, but I even look older for my age, so lol it'd look weird I guess But that's what I get in most of my classes.

The classes I have where there's ppl my grade are either a bunch of boring ppl, or there are like 2 girls in the entire class only You can post now and register later. If you have anin now to post with your. Restore formatting. Only 75 emoji are allowed. Display as a link instead. Clear editor. or insert images from URL. By susanhelp Started Saturday at PM. All Activity Home Dating younger girls in highschool? Dating younger girls in highschool?

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Reply to this topic Start new topic. Recommended Posts. Posted September 2, Link to comment Share on other sites More sharing options Tigris Posted September 2, Enjoy yourself while you've got the pick of the bunch. Good luck and have fun. DN Posted September 2, It's only a years difference - no big deal. Yeah, it's not like your a senior dating a freshman. JynX Posted September 2, MetallicAguy Posted September 2, JRM Posted September 2, Go ahead, it's only a year, probably less.

Hell, I'm a junior now, and a lot of sophomores and are older than I am. SimoneTiger Posted September 2, DN is right--it's not a big deal! Stinkweed Posted September 3, Posted September 3, I don't think that a two year difference is a big deal either. the conversation You can post now and register later.

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Dating younger girl in high school

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