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Chelios faces a Chinese mobster who has stolen his nearly indestructible heart and replaced it with a battery-powered ticker which requires regular jolts of electricity to keep working. In. Play trailer Action Crime Thriller. Directors Mark Neveldine Brian Taylor. Mark Neveldine Brian Taylor.

Trailer Crank 2: High Voltage -- Teaser Trailer. Crank 2: High Voltage. Clip Crank: High Voltage -- "Mansion Fight". Interview Photos Top cast Edit. Amy Smart Eve as Eve. Clifton Collins Jr. El Huron as El Huron. Efren Ramirez Venus as Venus. Reno Wilson Orlando as Orlando. Joseph Julian Soria Chico as Chico. Bai Ling Ria as Ria. Corey Haim Randy as Randy. More like this. Storyline Edit. Chev Chelios survives a fall from the sky, sort of.

He's in an unknown location, sedated, while various Chinese are harvesting his organs. His heart is gone, in an ice chest; a temporary in its place. Chev escapes, knowing only the name of the guy with the ice chest. He calls Doc Miles, an und cardiologist, who tells him there's only an hour's life in the artificial heart: keep it charged. Chev needs to find his own heart and get to Doc for a transplant. He starts his time-limited pursuit of shadowy figures, the ice chest, and his heart aided by Eve, Rei, and Venus - a stripper, a prostitute, and a pal with Tourette's - constantly needing an electric charge to keep going.

He was dead Rated R for frenetic strong bloody violence throughout, crude and graphic sexual content, nudity and pervasive language. Did you know Edit. Trivia Adult film star Ron Jeremy was not originally supposed to be in the porn actors strike in the film. He had assumed that the directors merely forgot to call him and showed up on set. As a result, all of his dialogue was improvised. Goofs When Chelios first calls Doc Miles, Doc's hand holding the phone switches from left to right repeatedly.

Quotes [repeated line] Various : Fuck you Chelios! Crazy credits During the credits there is a sequence with Doc Miles Download movie crank in hindi Chev his heart operation with Dark Chocolate assisting him and Eve looking on. When the heart was put in, Doc Miles tried to revive Chev with a defibrillator only for him to flat-line.

Doc Miles takes Eve away and right when the production credits end, the camera closes in on Chev's burned and bandaged body and his eyes pop open, showing that he is still alive. Alternate versions German DVD release was cut by approx.

For the "Not under 16" version more than eight minutes were removed. User reviews Review.

Top review. After surviving a fall from a helicopter, Chev Chelios is kidnapped directly from the spot he landed in and is taken to a place where they remove his heart. He is given an artificial one that requires an electrical charge to keep running, every hour or so. Now Chelios is on the run trying to find his old heart and to keep charged. I had an appreciation for the first Crank, it was a live action Grand Theft Auto. Creating as much chaos as possible within the running time. It ended perfectly, with his death. Crank 2 comes around and ruins that. At least, for my own sanity, right from the beginning they have a telecaster look directly to the viewer and tell them how implausible all of this is.

Could this be the writers and directors telling the audience that this was a studio decision? Crank 2 doesn't hold any punches, it goes all out and doesn't stop. It somehow finds a way to be even more chaotic than the original, but it sacrifices any kind of logical straight forward story. The first, even though it was far fetched, seemed like it might possibly happen.

Crank 2 doesn't seem to be based in any kind of reality. I do still like the city and world these characters live in. Statham once again shows us why he is the new face of the action genre. The Rock has moved on to Disney family films and Statham continues to be in films that he knows his fans will love. Crank 2 is violent and obscene. Just like it wants to be, Chelios is a despicable character, just like he wants to be. Statham plays the role with a bit of charm that makes him likable. Amy smart is here Download movie crank in hindi, but she seems even more useless now than before.

Was her purpose in this one just to re-enact the famous sex in public scene from original? The Crank films are without a doubt a guys film. Crank 2 even more so. Sex, violence, harsh language and insane sequences like a shotgun shoved up a guy's ass or two characters transforming into Godzilla like creatures, it's something that requires a viewer to leave their brain not only at the door, but at the door of another house.

The comedy is unique and in your face, it doesn't hold back with any subject matter. It's degrading to women and homosexuals and maybe even intellectuals. If you liked the first Crank, you'll like this one. For what it is worth, I dug the craziness of the film. The style it was shot in was fast and dirty, that reflects the story and the characters in it. I can see a third film coming out, just wondering what they plan on doing with it makes my head hurt though.

FAQ 4. Is "Crank: High Voltage" based on a book? How soon after "Crank" ends does "Crank: High Voltage" begin? Is there a scene after the credits? Details Edit. Release date April 17, United States. United States. Official Facebook Official site Germany. Crank 2. Lionsgate Lakeshore Entertainment RadicalMedia. Box office Edit. Technical specs Edit. Runtime 1h 36min. Related news.

Download movie crank in hindi

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