First time guy anal

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I can remember as a younger gay man being completely consumed with being a first time bottom. Specifically, I'm talking about knowing how to do anal. I think part of my fascination with the topic was directly linked to my strong need to please the guys I had sex with. Sure, you could look at videos to see how other people got pounded but deep inside, you always knew they were acting. Who would have thought gay acceptance carried such perks?

Can I tell you a secret? When I first started receiving anal, I thought all you had to do was take a dump and wham — you were ready to get plowed. After that not so easy to hear bit of advice, I began a radical quest for knowledge on how to properly first time bottom, including what to do for preparation.

I talked to anyone I could about this topic — particularly older men who proudly identified as power bottoms. I learned a lot from these discussions. But I know plenty of guys who identify as exclusive bottoms. What follows are 10 tips for first time bottom guys interested in anal. Hopefully, you will walk away from this feeling more knowledgeable and empowered. Some people bookmark this to their browser for quick reference. Just sharing this as a kind of pre-tip before we dive in.

One of my first bottoming experiences was painful because I tried to ride a guy that was way too large. Rather than just laying back and letting your man do his thing, I have found it helpful to mentally First time guy anal the experience before he ever sticks it in. Doing so allows you to anticipate potential pain and establish a pain threshold. One way to help acclimate yourself to having anal sex is to simply feel around your anus after cleaning see tip 3.

Once you are mentally ready, you need to get physically prepared. This means taking the time to properly clean yourself out. If you are going to have anal sex, use a silicone based lubricant.

This is particularly true if you are fairly new to anal and your hole has never been stretched out. There are a of reasons you might want to use a condom, particularly if it will be your first time. This may seem counterintuitive but let me explain why.

Condoms are enormously helpful for beginners who are still mastering the art of cleaning themselves out. Not only do these feel very natural for your man, they also have a little bit of lube on them to help with insertion. The way to move past this sensation is to do the following. Bear in mind, this one takes some practice:. In my experience, there are two approaches to help you move past this challenge and on to major pleasure. Start out on all fours and let him get behind you.

Tell him to slowly and gently push it in. You can even guide him with a free hand. And it really helps if you can slip on a cock ring so that he remains completely firm during the process.

Lay him down on the bed or the floor. Take a good sized portion of lube and apply to his entire stick with an emphasis on the head. Then, slowly squat on top of his rod until you are past the head. Sex, particularly analis all in the mind.

This means you need to be part of the process and not play a passive role. If you have taken then necessary steps to clean your anus, you have nothing to worry about. In time, your fear will fade away. Remember, the more you freak out about it, the more powerful your anxiety will become.

Make sense? One of my first relationships ended because I tried to convert my boyfriend from top to bottom. You should. As I mentioned earlier, sex, in all of its forms, is in the mind. How to talk dirty to a guy texting. How to kiss a guy and make out the right way. Best male enlargement creams, gels and oils. Men's Variety Copyright All Rights Reserved. News Ticker. First time bottom tips Table of Contents.

First time guy anal

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First Time Bottoming: 10 Anal Tips for Gay Men