Great second date ideas

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Robin is our female dating expert, style guru and resident life coach. She lives with her fian Read Full Bio. More about Mantelligence 's Editorial Process. Because the first date went well enough and the two of you end up scheduling a second date. Not only Great second date ideas they a lot of fun, but each is deed to create a relaxed atmosphere, taking most of the pressure out of the date. While the first date indicates whether you are compatible enough to meet a second time, the second date sets the stage for how a potential relationship might unfold.

The second date is intended to confirm the impression that you got of each other on the first date. Take her for a mellow avoid hills bike ride. Be sure to have a destination in mind. This could be a scenic view or a nice restaurant. Second, brewery tours are almost always guided. This means you're able to experience something new together without having to force conversation. At the end of the tour, you'll probably both be a little buzzed so the conversation will flow a bit easier. Walking around a flea market, there is an abundance of cool things you've never seen or haven't seen in years.

This provides an almost endless source of conversation. If your first date was a little rocky, this is a great second date. They usually have live music it's usually really bad and often, surprisingly, have good food. It is easy enough and is not serious enough to be intimidating. It is the perfect atmosphere to chat and flirt without making chatting and flirting seem like the focus. This alleviates the pressure of forcing a connection.

Parks are of course the standard for picnics, but, if you can, go elsewhere.

Maybe the beach? Maybe by a lake? Maybe you combine this with 10 below? For a second date, it's better to find a lesser-known act playing a smaller venue. Where do you think you'll bond more, at an amphitheater packed with 15, people or a small venue with a handful of people? This is preferably something neither of you has done before.

It will help you determine if she's willing to step out of her comfort zone and try new things. As you are both likely stepping out of your comfort zonesa class on a new subject will connect you on a deeper level. Was that last sentence really cheesy? Yes, yes it was. If you happen to live in or near a major city, strolling through a gallery district is a highly underrated second date idea. It should cost you nothing, has the potential for unexpected excitement and gives you plenty of time for casual conversation.

Women love a man who can Great second date ideas. The dish doesn't need to be anything extravagant, and honestly, it doesn't even need to be good. Just don't poison her. This date is more about the thought than it is your cooking skills. You don't have to start cooking before she gets there, but be sure to have all the ingredients ready. Oh, and don't forget the wine.

Botanical gardens are parks on steroids. They are beautiful, often huge, garden complexes with a variety of different plants. Double date ideas for two couples can be great because you both have a support person to create a relaxed social atmosphere. The other couple need not be on their second date.

They can be a long established relationship. Being around their comfortable intimacy might encourage you and your new potential girl to figure out if you can see something similar possible between yourselves. The ocean always brings out everyone's carefree spirit. It can also be a gauge for how comfortable people are with their bodies. Fire brings up a sense of restoration and renewal in a lot of us.

If you're musical, bring a guitar for a sing-along. Roast some marshmallows. You'll be able to gauge each other's curiosity and outlook on the paranormal. Wine tasting is about studying subtleties. Or feeling cultured and posh. Explore your cultured sides. Many say they "listen to all kinds of music. One thing to consider about the second date night is that we all want discover totally different facets of each other in comparison to the first date. For example, if you met for coffee in the city Great second date ideas the first date, consider getting out in nature for the second meeting.

Most people meet for coffee, a meal or a drink on the first date because it's an environment that has the broadest appeal. During that time, you probably got to know some of her interests and personal qualities. Bring out the best of those when planning for your second date night ideas.

Originating in ancient Egypt, it's a relaxed but strategic game that's sure to bring out the best in both of you. Whether you grew up on hockey skates or you've never skated in your life, there's a definite romantic quality to this pursuit.

Art stimulates appreciation. Getting to witness each other express wonder, appreciation and inspiration is a great way to bond. If you're both athletically and adventurously inclined, this is a badass alternative to the tamer option of going for a bike ride! The thing about meetup is it is an often inexpensive way to learn something new and get totally out of your comfort zones--together. Bingo is not just for old folks. You'll get to experience each other's celebratory dance on a winning streak.

Whether it's raising funds for shelter dogs or for underprivileged kids, you'll get to share an intention to make another's life better while having a great time. You'll gain insight into each other's performing chops and the ability to cut loose for the camera. There's something really affirming about taking continuous photos of each other: You're celebrating each other's presence and good looks.

Dress up is one way to get in character.

Getting in character is one way to explore all the facets of our personalities that we may not express every day. Your second date ideas do not have to break the bank. You may be with a budget-minded girl who really appreciates the chance to save money for the bigger things in life like buying a home.

Creating meaningful experiences on a budget hints at your resourcefulness and ingenuity. The money saved with cheap date ideas can go to charitable causes where it is really needed. The chance to watch something grow and blossom over time is a powerful metaphor for what you're hoping for in a relationship. It's always grounding to find out how things are made.

You might even get a meal out of all the free samples. We get so stuck in the urban mindset that a guy that remembers where food actually comes from is incredibly attractive. You may get to show off your strengths in one moment while looking really silly in another. This is a great way to be active and resourceful without leaving the house or spending money on gas.

Great second date ideas

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8 Brilliant Second Date Ideas