Hippie hollow park pictures

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Instagram: instagram. There are five of them here. Two adults and three juveniles.

The juveniles like to sit in a tree right above the step and scream at anyone that steps out after dark. Quite startling at first but a sound to look forward to once you know what it is. Herbal laundry day. I work a lot with muslin in my apothecary. Little bits and pieces that turn pastel shades as they interact with herbal preparations.

They usually travel in flocks but this one seems to like it here. It must be the suet. I was wrong Hope he stays all winter. He sits on the roof of the shed by my apothecary window and keeps me company. I love these sweet Hippie hollow park pictures birds. Chicka dee dee dee or tweeeeet tweet tweet. They travel in groups and yet they're solitary little birds. And friendly At Hippie Hollow on Lake Travis. Naked as a jay-bird, relaxing in the sun getting some studying done. Oh and I was munching on Thunderclouds Veggie delight sub Stepped out side with the first cup of the day.

The elk were calling from nearby, the deer were munching in the trees, somewhere a coyote was yipping and I get to watch and listen and be at peace. My little piece of heaven right here in Hippie Hollow. Didn't get any of the other side of the eclipse I love the view after dark from on the porch or from inside the cabin. Explore Trending Events More More. Tags hippiehollow. View all All Photos Tagged hippiehollow. Amanda 3 by EL3 Imagery. You can Follow my work here: my website: el3imagery. Amanda by EL3 Imagery.

Horned Owl by LavenderMillie. M72 July 18 by tosh yash. Mamiya 7ii 65mm f4 Austin TX Go ahead Jackie 24 by EL3 Imagery. Jackie 2 by EL3 Imagery. Sunflower fence on a foggy fall morning. Fenced Friday. Northern Flicker by LavenderMillie. Jackie-2 by EL3 Imagery. HFF by LavenderMillie. Early morning in Hippie Hollow or late at night Jackie 3 by EL3 Imagery. Window Wednesday. More HH fun by Linnea. Chickadee by LavenderMillie.

Study time by Toxic Cherry Girl.

Laverne's Wagon Perfection In Waves by Jon B. Hippie Hollow by LavenderMillie. It's that place where I suddenly realize I'm wearing a smile. I love this little bird house Guess I won't be going anywhere to day. Enjoying a Bday sunset at the local nude beach. Hippie Hollow by brentbum The latest from the apothecary. Need a little January sun Hippie Hollow - I opted to leave out the other photo, Austin, Texas by jakazar. Well, this was back in the day Sometime around at Hippie Hollow.

Hippie hollow park pictures

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Hippie Hollow Park