How to meet a southern gentleman

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The piece spawned plenty of responses — my favorite being an equally insightful piece from fellow Thought Catalog contributor Karyn Spencer — and in the discussions that followed men, in general, have taken a beating. Successful men recognize their scarcity and exploit it, playing the field with the sort of joie de vivre you might expect from a UNC fraternity brotherleaving their female counterparts in the unenviable position of having to tolerate their behavior or else ificantly lower their expectations.

They are finding it easier than ever to date upward, to latch onto lonely sugarmamas, to fall into a relationship despite themselves. It is, however, worryingand for men, as well. We cannot wait this out. The playboys will keep playing and the losers will always be losers, but the reputation of men — of those millions of decent men situated somewhere between the two extremes — needs to be defended.

There needs to be a ifier: something which immediately distinguishes a man in the eyes of the women he dates as being above the losers but intolerant of the douchebags. We need to take back our reputations. Given how few people seem to be investing in human decency these days, the returns on it have been great.

Oh, yeah: bring back the Southern Gentleman. He is free from the obnoxious faults women are all but forcing themselves to tolerate, leading his life instead by the sort of hypermasculine code which appeals to the part of every man that wishes he were just a little bit more like Ernest Hemingway.

No longer linked to the egregious abuse of human rights, the post-Preston Brooks Southern Gentleman should be welcomed by every man, woman, and child in America. These folks are compassionate and kind, honest and engaging, entertaining, hardworking and possessing of an integrity given value by the quality of life they unapologetically pursue.

And how do I know this? First of all, I am Southern through and through. The first time I ever went west of the Mississippi was three months agoand until last month had never bothered to venture into the godless lands above the Mason-Dixon. I am Sarasota to Savannah; Chattanooga to Charleston; blackjack in Biloxi and barbecue in Birmingham; when cut I bleed sweet tea and sausage grease, which makes me as authentic as I am unhealthy.

And seemingly happy. They handled the proposal, of course, but it seems like the women in their lives made sure to lock it down real quick. So when I say we could all benefit from the resurgence of the Southern Gentleman, I do so having already observed its success in the field. So, without further adieu:.

I am horribly unemployed, yet it is absolutely essential that the Southern Gentleman have a job, or else be financially independent. The Southern Gentleman seeks total responsibility for his actions, and being broke would severely limit his choices so that he would often be forced to represent himself in a way that does not accurately represent his ideals. It also prevents him from keeping to the other tenets of the Southern Gentleman.

Have Manners — Southern Hospitality is not just for the South. It shows respect in this wonderfully egalitarian way that reinforces the idea that nobody is innately better or worse than anyone else, and serves as a constant reminder to act as such.

Be the Escort — No, not that kind of escort. If the situation requires it, you will take a beating for your friends. Which reminds me…. These words are for us all.

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How to meet a southern gentleman

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A Guide To Being A Southern Gentleman