Human to dog years converter

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By Jake Buehler.

Conventional wisdom says that one human year is the equivalent of seven dog years, but a new analysis suggests we have been getting this all wrong. The seven dog years to every human year rule comes simply from crudely dividing human lifespan, around 80 years, by dog lifespan, typically 12 years.

Trey Ideker at the University of California, San Diego, and his colleagues found that the rule is a little off. The team performed a genetic analysis of dogs and humans to identify how they age over time.

The researchers discovered that compared with humans, dogs age faster at first, blazing into the equivalent of human middle age after only a few years. It is a ificant revision to our understanding of how to map dogs against their human owners in terms of age, says Ideker.

The team studied Labradors, ranging from very young puppies to year-old dogs. By matching these methylomes, the researchers could convert between the physiological age of dogs and humans.

In both, these age-related changes happened largely with developmental genes found in all vertebrates that are important from their time in the uterus through childhood. The researchers also looked at the methylomes of mice. They found that two-and-a-half mouse years translates to about nine dog years, suggesting that this tool might be able to convert ages across many mammal species. Matt Kaeberlein at the University of Washington in Seattle says it would be interesting to find out what happens to the age clock in dog breeds with very different lifespans, such as Great Danes and chihuahuas.

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Human to dog years converter

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