I want my Springfield Missouri bottle back

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Brown Derby International Wine Center. Vibe Quality Service Selection 1 1. We love reviews! Turn your rating into one with characters or more. Thanks for the review! Protips: Explain why you're giving this rating.

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I want my Springfield Missouri bottle back

Rate It. View: Place Reviews. Reviews: 37 Ratings: 51 Log in to view all ratings and sort. At my local store, we have a variety that surpasses others in the LR area.

I want my Springfield Missouri bottle back

Brown Derby was Disneyland for the craft beer lover! They had a few of the regulars I've seen but for the most part, I did not recognize anything there.

I want my Springfield Missouri bottle back

I want my Springfield Missouri bottle back boyfriend and I easily spent an hour there, trying to decide on what to get. Eric was extremely helpful and informative. It was fun to go to a store and completely geek out with an employee about beer. We left with some gems and I can't wait to make another trip there.

Sep 19, This has been my local bottle shop for many years. Eric, the beer manager, is as knowledgeable as anyone you'll talk to, and once you get to know him he's funny and generous. The Derb, as I like to call it, just started serving draft beer, and the selection has been incredible from day one. They have also recently started offering food, which its deliciousness I can't even begin to explain.

My favorite is the Deluxe BLT. Take your standard BLT, put it on Rye, add a fried egg, sriracha aioli, and avocado. Pair that with their homemade red cabbage slaw and you'll want to shit yourself. They also do small pizzas with bacon infused crust, stromboli, reubens, meat and cheese plates, and more. Oh, they also have the largest wine and spirits selection in the region.

If you're in Springfield and you like good food and beer, then this place should be on your list. Jul 18, Eric was willing to go above and beond to help me find the hardest to find IPA style of beer that i could get in my area! Mar 22, The singles and s are separated and located in the back right corner. I didn't see any dusty bottles or beers past date. I looks like they rotate their stock. The employees were attentive and at least three different ones offefed to help me find something. They also loaded my purchase onto the dolly and took it to the car for me.

The selection was better than any other store in the region, they had plenty of Lagunitas, Bells, and Founders that you don't usually see in other stores. The prices were noticeably higher on some items like Stone 4packs. I was overall pleased and will probably start shopping there when I am in town.

I want my Springfield Missouri bottle back

Nov 25, They did give me a mixed case discount, for which I am grateful. I will be back their selection eclipses any store within miles Aug 29, Espo87 from Oklahoma 4. They have beer tasting regularly so check their facebook. I met a guy who spent about thirty minutes with me walking me around the store and suggesting some great beers based on my liking. I even came out with some hard to find goodies. They had a great single beer selection although it was a bit pricey. Overall, great selection and great customer service.

I want my Springfield Missouri bottle back

May 28, They have a large build-a-six-pack selection of small bottles 3-bottle minimum and a large bomber section with beers from all over the world. I was told that they keep over 1, beers in rotation! Not only do they have a massive selection of beer, but they also have imported cheeses from around the world to pair with all that good import beer.

They have a nice glassware selection as well. My wife and I have spent over two hours in a single visit just browsing! Beer tastings on Friday afternoons and wine tastings on Saturdays. Awesome place! Jan 03, MDLpaladino 4. There is an outstanding assortment of beer and they are normally extremely current on recent items.

You can get individual selections and can even create your own 6-pack, in which there is normally a superb variety to choose from. As for non-beer related items, they have a great selection of wine and liquor and boast several shelves of hot sauces, relishes, cheeses, etc. They usually also have some very interesting gift items as well!! Oct 21, TippySelenoid from Missouri 4. There are numerous beers from all over the globe.

Everytime I go I find at least three new beers to add to my shopping list. The service is extremely knowlegable and there is usually at least one beer geek around who isn't a poser. This is the top liquor store in the area and one of the best I've been to anywhere in my travels. We people in the Ozarks I want my Springfield Missouri bottle back lucky to have this store. Sep 24, There was an incredible selection of great beer, and these guys do what they can to snatch limited releases from the breweries that distribute to them.

This is probably one of the best liquor stores in MO; it beats many that I have visited in KC, mainly because of their selection of relatively rare beers. You can tell they do everything they can to seek out smaller distributers in the state that handle more obscure products so they can make the best out of what is available to them. Additionally, a staff member talked to me for about 20 mins about different craft beers in their selection and made recommendations based upon my favorite styles. He was the most knowledgable craft beer person I have ever talked to, bartenders included.

I want my Springfield Missouri bottle back

When my wife and I got home to Norman, which is 4. I called them and they credited it back to our card without any issue. The service and selection at this store is unrivaled in MO in my opinion. Yetiman from Ohio 4. An impressive beer selection for a blue collar, remote town. Odell's Woodcut - Crimson and Lager Lot's of great beer to choose from. I would up getting one 12oz single of Odell DIPA and was told at check out that next time the singles are sold in groups of three. One of the cashiers was super nice and helpful the other was a grouch asked where I might find this on tap around town.

May 10, Swanky place, if not a bit over-stuffed up front with home decor and potpourri vestibules that remind me of Pier 1.

I want my Springfield Missouri bottle back

Moving past all that noise, however, we find ourselves immersed in beer Nirvana. Big selection in both coolers and shelves. Perhaps, but it is what it is The nice thing about the selection in this Springfield shop is that I get a sense that the newer releases don't fly off the shelves immediately like their St. Louis counterparts. Staff was very helpful, even though I was one of 5 people in the store during my half-hour long foray. The guy who brought me a cart knew his beer well, and we discussed their selection and his recent trip to Belgium and other beer shops. He even helped carry a case to the car after all was rang up and paid for.

I want my Springfield Missouri bottle back

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