Korean girls dubai

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Breanna Youn used to live an ordinary and humble life with her mother and father in Busan, South Korea where the family owned and operated a seafood business. Not thinking much of it, Mrs. Youn began posting videos of her daughter with a cute lisp on social media to share with friends and family back in After opening up a Vine and Instagram for Breanna, her mother also decided to begin posting to Facebook. Thousands of predominately Middle Eastern followers began to flood the with likes and comments. So many, in fact, that this prompted the family to take a two-week trip to Dubai.

Breanna also gained a of celebrities followers, including singer Shamma Hamdanwho once drove to pick up Breanna in her Mercedes-Benz before taking her to dinner at the famous Burj Al Arab. Here, they want to take them because they recognize her. It makes us feel really special. Breanna takes photos with every fan she comes across!

As for Breanna, she is happy and comfortable with her fame. When asked about the move to Dubai, she gave a warm answer.

Today, the media super-star enjoys a life every little girl dreams of including a Hello Kitty inspired. A great big Hello Kitty shaped mirror is a must. Breanna poses for photos in this Hello Kitty chair! This is the dream. Breanna has now returned home to live in the Philippines with her family, and continues to be a social media star.

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Korean girls dubai

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Korean 7-year-old girl becomes celebrity in Dubai after rich men discover her Instagram