Mancora peru nightlife

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in. The white sand, the warm sea, waves for surfing and the eternal sun, have made this small fishing village in northern Peru a global and local reference for travelers when thinking of beach at South America. The high season is from December to February but we will see backpackers all year along because its sunny almost days of the year.

All attraction are related to the water or surroundings: zip gliding, surfing, kite surfing, diving, stand up Mancora peru nightlife, jet ski, swimming at the beach, whale, dolphins, sea turtles watching, yoga, spa massages in general. Manco r a is a small city, but provides good food for everyone. For example, the village has Italian cuisine, Peruvian cusine lots of them, of courseveggie food and steak houses. In general backpackers stays between : a fancier restaurant once in a while is goodlocal restaurants the offer menu deals— starter, main plate and juice, for 3 dollars and eating at the hostel american food, sandwiches, snacks, etc.

And for the 3-dollar-meal, just walk through the main street and will find the one that best fits your stomach. The same applies to the nightclubs, the backpackers have two options : party at the hostel Loki Hostel is famous for that and people from outside can participate too or crash at the beach where will find 4 bars, playing reggaeton and international music really really loud but fun too!

I preferred the second option because I had the opportunity to meet some locals, drink and dance together. In this point I was expecting more from a beach town, is pretty much a lot of the same. Restaurants and bars offering the same beers and drinks, nothing special, for the same price I think because of this a lot of backpackers drink at the hostel.

A curious fact is that I could find many Peruvians as well, specially from Lima the capitalmaybe because its was a national holiday. Mancora is beautiful! But for a Mancora peru nightlife beach town I expected more things to do during the day and night. For example a good brewery, a place that you can have juices, smoothies and healthy food or either a band playing at the beach.

After the 3rd day, it gets kind of boring but still worth coming! I imagine a hostel, medium size, cozy, lots of hammocks, with a beaaaaautiful view of the ocean, maybe even a infinity edge pool but definitely with a pool. With daily activities day and night such as learning how to make some handicrafts with local artists, cooking peruvian food, preparing drinks mixology and theme parties. A place close to the main street where can can chill out or party for a couple of days!

My days at Mancora were beautiful, the sunsets blew my mind!

Sunny and warmeverything that I was looking at that moment. I ate good food and had a lot of fun with others foreigners. Maybe staying 3 or 4 days was enough to relax and party. Get started. Open in app.

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Mancora peru nightlife

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