Massage spa austin tx

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Home » Spa Treatments » Massage. Pre-purchase five 5 massages of any type, and receive a 6th massage free. Looking for the ultimate massage spa in Austin? Release your stress and tension with a muscle-melting treatment at Viva Day Spa in Austin.

Massage therapy works the muscles, tendons and other soft tissues of your body, with pressure ranging from a gentle stroke to deep structural release. At Viva, we offer a wide-range of techniques to treat different needs and deliver a variety of therapeutic benefits.

Our most popular massage, this minute fusion massage blends the therapeutic techniques of Deep Tissue Massage with the luxurious strokes of Swedish Massage. Firm pressure and long, slow strokes relieve aches and pains stored in the deepest parts of the muscle, tendons, and fascia. Works out the knots and tension, and is beneficial for chronic aches and pain. A relaxation-focused, full-body massage, this classic and most well known massage technique melts the muscles and mind using long fluid strokes with varying pressure to release tension.

A therapeutic prenatal massage focused on the special needs of moms-to-be as her body changes during pregnancy. A brisk version of Swedish Massage that helps athletes of every kind. Prep for peak performance, accelerate recovery, and relieve soreness. Relax together while two massage therapists work on each of you at the same time in our Duet room.

Warm, smooth river stones combined with therapeutic massage techniques and warm oil unravel tension in the body for a deeply relaxing experience. Choose Swedish or Deep Tissue Massage. Learn More. The ultimate minute pampering for tired feet!

A foot-focused treatment with foot reflexology, warm cocoa butter foot massage, and a warm foot and calf sugar scrub. According to the Mayo Clinicstudies have show that it is an effective treatment for reducing stress and pain, as well as relieve muscle tension. Massages may also be helpful for:.

A full-body massage at Viva Day Spa includes your arms, legs, hands and feet, your neck and scalp, back and your glutes. Viva Day Spa is open for massages on Sunday at all of our locations. Scheduling your massage on Sunday makes the most relaxing day of the week even more so.

Massage therapists go to school to learn how to manipulate the soft-tissue muscles of the body to relieve soreness, improve circulation, rehabilitate injuries, reduce stress and increase relaxation. Massage therapy programs require between months of classroom study and hands-on practice. Texas is one of 43 states, along with the District of Columbia, that regulate massage therapists and require a. The main difference between Swedish massage and deep tissue massage is the amount of pressure used by your massage therapist.

Deep tissue massage uses more pressure than Swedish massage. Deep Tissue Massage. Swedish Massage. Pregnancy Massage.

Sports Massage. Couples Massage. What Are The Benefits of Massage? Massages may also be helpful for: Anxiety Digestive disorders Fibromyalgia Headaches Insomnia related to stress Myofascial pain syndrome Soft tissue strains or injuries Sports injuries.

Massage spa austin tx

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