Massage thailand honolulu hi

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We are excited to announce that we are open and taking reservations once again! Treat yourself to a relaxing break during these stressful times. We are happy to accommodate your wishes. The first time I came on my own, the second time I brought 10 girls for a bridal shower party that they could I had a massage done by Nidnoi. She used just the right amount of pressure and I love the use of hot towels. Really great prices.

Beautiful view. Outstanding massage therapists shoutouts to Kylie and Nidnoi Took my wife here We went into the couples room and had a perfect view of Honolulu at night, surrounded by relaxing harp music, the 2 ladies came in and started our massage. It felt great, the lady working on my back really worked out the knots on my upper and middle back and made my legs feel back to normal!

When our massage was over, I felt great! So great that I was able to sit in the plane back home for 6 hours with no discomfort thanks to the massage I got at Siam. I would definitely love to come again. Will not be back! Went back for second massage and got the bait and switch routine, booked the same masseuse as last time, only to show up and be told she is not available. Funny thing was she was in the waiting room when I walked in and was still there when I left. Might work for tourists who only come in once but most local people would like to keep the same person as they have knowledge of your problem spots.

Best Thai massage in Honolulu! I have lived here for 3 years and have tried numerous massage parlors, this was my first time here and Bella gave me a fantastic massage. She did a great job finding the tension and working out the knots. None of the others even come close. Highly recommend!

Yes this is thai style of massage, not American, they don't just rub lotion on you. They actually massage, try to decrease knots, all different kinds of stretches, while still giving Massage thailand honolulu hi massage that will relax you to your core. Evie was my massage therapist and she went to every problem area without me even having to ask. She would constantly ask about pressure and how I was doing.

Beautiful massage place overlooking the city. Our masseuses were absolutely wonderful, terrific, and skilled! Will definitely come back!! I get frequent massages due to a back injury so this statement is coming from experience. I wish I could find a masseuse like Avi in the Bay Area. I got a deep tissue massage with back walking, highly recommended! Whenever i visit Honolulu again I will be sure to book another appointment. Bella was my massage therapist and she did an amazing job job. Like for real. The location was the best.

The staffs are friendly and very professional. And the massage was like ooooooh my goodness gracious. It was incredible!! I have been getting massages for about 20 years and have been to many places, and this place is one of the best I have been to. From atmosphere, to the massage, the tea they give you after is ginger amazingness! And the price is great! Thank you for existing and blessing to a long future. The massages are great and the ambience is perfect. It is so easy to make an appointment and they are very accommodating. Exceeded expectations. Mahalo Dana Peevy 27 Sep 19 Same day appointment within one hour.

Excellent deals on couples massages. Very professional and thorough. Last month I had my first with them and Bella is awesome! I like when she did hard massage for the most part except my calves because she noticed my calf muscles were too tight so she recommended medium press on that part and it was perfect. Then today, I went back. I like it when she apply hard massage per my request on the different pressure points my body.

And particularly the stretch she did on my neck and my arms. It was really very relaxing, I think I fell asleep. But my favorite is when. They are both pretty strong, beautiful person, pleasant to talk to, respectful, knowledgeable and experienced in what they do. Thank u both! Tanya is a beautiful and gracious host and her staff is friendly, skilled and professional. Highly recommended, I will visit here again.

The massage was awesome. The therapist was friendly and professional. The view from the massage room was spectacular. You're on the 26th floor with a great view of Honolulu. Planning to visit the next time I'm in Honolulu. Super easy to book. Super easy to get in and find. Super friendly staff. And fantastic massage all 3 of us all enjoyed the massage. I would recommend it to anyone. There is no place better!

Phenomenal, great atmosphere, incredibly clean, very relaxing, and conveniently located. The staff is friendly, and personable My body had been stiffed everywhere due to my workout. I made appointment by requested the therapist who can fix my stiffed body. I got Num, she is very strong woman. She can go deep wherever I need her to work on.

At the spa atmosphere gave me a feeling like I was in Thailand. The decorations and spa music are Thai style. Clean place, good service, at the end of the massage service, I got offered of hot ginger tea and ice cream! I t feel great like getting a new body!

I heard that Siam Thai is a very first spa in century center building. That is why they are so good, no wonder. Thanks again.

Massage thailand honolulu hi

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