Mg scale for powder

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This is a nice little compact scale for reloading ammo and weighing powder. Not super sturdy but does the job and is accurate for multiple units of measure including powder grains. Perfect for small amounts of powder. Wonderful scale for all those helpful little powders that need to be measured. So far this unit is working great, the. Great for supplement powders. Perfect for measuring supplement powders for DIY serum creation. Used the trey!

Hard to use tray provided for powder when the mg. Hit the tare button to reset the scale to zero after you set the lid. You will now have the scale zeroed with a larger container for powder content. Jelly or peanut butter lid should provide the needed space to make easy to get the job done without spillover. Hope this answers the question for you. Works perfectly for use in measuring powdered supplements. It shows dynamically, just make sure you aren't under even a ceiling fan or the air flow will throw the measurement off.

Recommended to weight in chemical powders Works well. Yes, of course, you can use it to weigh pills and powders, and this digital pocket scale has a thousandth of a gram accuracy 0. Yes,it can. At half the price of other microgram scales, this thing is awesome for measuring out my supplement powders. We ordered this so we could measure turmeric powder for capsules to use as an inflammatory and it works great! This is a very good precision scale. Accurare to.

Weigh jewelry, powder, gold, Mg scale for powder and is also for Lab use. This scale appears to be very accurate, I use it to double check my powder dispenser. Bought for powder measuring to reload precision rifle and satisfied with for 1st usage. Great for vitamin powders. Awesome fir my Gun powder measurements.

I use this scale for precision weighing of salts and gelling agents for cooking. This scale works great for measuring small amounts, e. It's very fast, very accurate, and easy to use. And also, makes the user feel like a drug dealer. Or is that just me? Very accurate and helpful for measuring Bulk Supplements powders to put in my smoothies. Perfect for metering out the correct portions of mass-orderd nutritional supplements like Vitamin D powder etc. This is highly recommended if you need to measure powder or herbal supplements, especially useful measuring DHEA.

This digital scale is very accurate for weighing food and powders. I like that it re faster than a balance beam, and I can check the shell after I've put the powder inside it. That makes it easy to tare out the shell zero the scale once the new primer is in, drop the powder, then check the drop very quickly. I can way all my bulk supplements powders accurately, finally! Bought this to use it for weighing powder supplements to put in capsules.

It gives me much greater accuracy than most powder scales available even at higher prices. Thanks for the tip, it will be included in the near future. I would imagine so, it is very accurate. I use mine to weigh gemstones. Use it for weighing gun powder, that takes confidence in your scale.

For me, this item begins measuring grains at 0. Very sensitive and accurate. I can easily measure something that is 0. Should work very good for your reloading. I haven't used it for reloading yet, but that is 1 of the main reasons I bought this unit. That being said, my answer is "yes". I have used it to measure down to 10mg of powdered vitamins accurately.

Plus all the reloaders I've talked to said it's great!! Explore milligram scales for powders. Quick look. Five Stars. Reviewed on Nov 16, Good for the price. Reviewed on Jun 30, Reviewed on Feb 14, Free day shipping within the U. Prices may vary for AK and HI. Wonderful scale for all those helpful little powders that need Reviewed on Jul 12, Digital Pocket Scale 50 x 0. If you need to weigh a supplement powder to the exact MG dose this is what you want.

Reviewed on Dec 29, Reviewed on Feb 22, See what customers said about powders 5 out of 5 stars Verified Purchase. See full review. Great for price. Reviewed on Dec 3, Reviewed on Oct 16, Can it weigh 2. Answered on Jan 24, See full answer. Answered on Jan 4, Works Great. Reviewed on Jun 13,

Mg scale for powder

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