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I was a year old when my dad left me, my older sister and mother. The second was the only one I considered my real father. When my mom told me they were getting a divorce, and he was moving away to be with someone else because he wanted to start his own family with his own kids, I remember the pain and helplessness I felt.

I was about 9 years old. My mother had to work three jobs in a small town in North Central Minnesota to take care of us.

One of these was being a bartender at a really nice resort. I remember spending a lot of time there when there was no babysitter available. I was 14 when I drank alcohol for the first time. We were hanging out before a school dance.

Somehow we all ended up naked in a bed together and I lost my virginity. From then on, I always believed sex and alcohol just went hand in hand. I was in 10th grade my mother decided to move us to another city so she could start a new life. I completely shut down and my shyness took over. That whole school year I made no new friends, spent the day in absolute terror that a teacher would call on me to read out loud or answer a question.

My face would turn beat red and my voice would crack every time I tried to speak. I went from being the class clown to a timid, lonely freak. In my junior year we moved again. This time it was all the Naked time stories to Washington State. The last two years of high school, because of the lack of friends and distraction, I graduated with a 3. I was 17 years old and ended up dropping out after the 1st semester. Before departing for boot camp, I received my first DUI.

For some reason, maybe the alcohol, I was an asshole to the cops and refused a Breathalyzer. This caused me to lose my for a year.

I lasted three years and was then discharged with an Other Than Honorable Discharge. This was due to the 3 strikes I received. So I guess this was just too much for the new, modern Navy. Even though everything I heard and saw on TV and at the movies, was how every sailor in the Navy was a hard drinking, loud, foul mouthed man. I guess I was misled. So after three years I was discharged. As one last, final hurrah, my friends took me out for a going away party. I proceeded to get very drunk and after boarding the flight was promptly kicked off because of the many complaints by the passengers I was sitting next to.

I spent the next ten years of my Naked time stories working for a regional airline at a small airport in Port Angeles, WA. Most of that time I spent drinking and growing an ever greater tolerance. I partied every weekend and received my 2nd DUI and another day in jail. They also made me attend AA meetings. I just felt out of place there. I loved hearing the stories, but I was no way in hell like any of them. I was just going through a hard time and would eventually get over it. It was during these 10 years I discovered other things about the wonderful world of alcohol.

Even thought I started getting blackouts from the very beginning, they were getting a lot more frequent. I also found out that if you drink early in the morning while fighting a hangover, your pain goes away and a calmness sets in that makes you feel so serene. I was 27 years old when he had his little sister move in.

She was During a night of drinking we started a sexual relationship. I though we would spend a romantic few days together alone. The next morning she told me a friend was on the way to pick her up. She was looking at me with such a strange look. I had bruises all over my body and I noticed there was a large corner cabinet tipped over on the floor with glass all Naked time stories the place.

She told me I had fallen down a flight of stairs, grabbed the cabinet to get up and pulled it down on top of me. To avoid the awkwardness I told her brother I had to move out. I decided to go to school and get an airline dispatcher. I felt I was in a rut and had no real future. After getting my I was hired on with another regional airline and moved to St. George, Utah. After growing up and living through four separate marriages, I promised myself I would never marry until I was sure it was going to be forever. So when I was 34 years old, I broke Naked time stories and asked a woman to marry me.

She knew I was a drinker, her father is an alcoholic and she knew all the s. I had taught myself how to be a good, functioning drinker. I told her I just had to relieve stress once in a while. We welcomed our first child into our lives when I was She was three months old when her heart started to fail. Not ever really learning to deal with this kind of stress, I turned right around and walked back into the hallway, sat down and cried uncontrollably. They told us she had multifocal atrial tchycardia with rapid ventricle conduction.

It took a few months to find the right medication for her and thank God they did. I somehow made it through those three months without drinking, but of course, after getting back home I started drinking more than ever. I vaguely remember sitting in our back yard screaming at God asking why he was doing this to us. Not a good thing for my wife to see. It was around this time that my mother had a major stroke. I flew back home and went straight to the hospital. The doctor told me they could not do anything more for her and that she was stroking out.

Later that night my sister showed up.

I felt so guilty for leaving her alone. She eventually recovered, but could never walk or talk the same way again. She still has a limp and cannot talk at all. In my second girl was born. She was healthy and our oldest girl had grown out of her heart problems and was also healthy. I guess you could say I had a great situation going on.

A beautiful family, a good job and a house that we owned. I was living the life I had always wanted. So why did I keep drinking so much? Why did I go through bottle of vodka like water? It got so bad I went to my doctor and asked for help. He prescribed me depression medication and Xanax. Of course I combined that and my drinking and just made things ten times worse. One weekend my wife called the police two nights in a row. The last one I had thrown my wife on the ground and grabbed her by the throat while my girls were crying and screaming at me to stop.

I took a leave of absence and asked my insurance company what rehab center Naked time stories would pay for. They told me there was a place in Michigan called Narconon. I went into it with an open mind.

I came out just confused. Their treatment was sitting in a chair across from another person and we had to stare at each other without smiling, talking or moving for hours. Walking back and forth between two walls, touching them each time while chanting a line over and over again. They also ran out of hot water for a week. No hot water in October in Michigan is a whole different kind of torture. The past three years I have put my wife and girls through hell. I was so sick and tired of waking up after a drinking binge with no memory of the night before. Feeling deep remorse for what I may have put my family through.

Feeling shame beyond belief. Not wanting to look anyone in the eye after failing again. She forgives me and I will forever love her for that. Last week my wife took the girls to visit their grandparents. While they were gone I started drinking after work and called in sick the next morning.

I kept drinking and passed out. When I came to, I thought it was a the next morning, but it was only p that same day. I picked up the phone and called in sick for the second time in the same day. I just hung up embarrassed and started drinking again. I was going to call work again and ask for another leave to go to Naked time stories rehab. But before I did I decided to look through Amazon for a book to read Naked time stories alcoholism.

I was on my way home from work after finishing it when I broke down crying. I was so angry at alcohol and how I had wasted my life looking for happiness at the bottle of a bottle. Fuck you! Fuck you, mother fucker! Done with it right then and forever. Thanks Annie, Thanks for opening up my eyes and showing me the truth.

Thank you for saving my life and my family. We owe you so much! Start reading This Naked Mind free now, up below:. The early days I was a year old when my dad left me, my older sister and mother. After having my face repeatedly slammed into the concrete sidewalk, I stumbled back to base and as I was going through the check point, the guard took one look at me and called for an escort to the hospital. After the doctor stitched up my face and took a blood test, he informed me that my BAC was.

This was about two hours after my last drink. Port Security saw me and followed me back to the ship to report me. This meant I had to be back on the boat no later than p every night.

Naked time stories

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