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Dating is energy-draining for anyone, but even more so for us introverts. Many introverts would rather stay cozy at home than hit the bars, which can translate to fewer dates and a lower chance of meeting someone with whom they truly click. As an introvert myself, the thought of spending a night making small talk with a stranger who I have nothing in common with makes me want to crawl under my duvet.

To help, my sister and I set up www. But personality compatibility does play a crucial role. Meeting the partner of your dreams is half the battle, but the next equally important step is that they like you back. And how do you increase your chances of this? You become the best version of yourself. It can help you understand your weaknesses, your strengths, your blind spots, how you act when stressed, and so much more. Self-awareness is everything when it comes to healthy relationships. Having an awareness of how wildly different people actually are, and even better, in what ways they are different, is invaluable.

Meeting someone on So Syncd increases the chance of being on the same wavelength. While one person might be attracted to Personality dating app quiet, mysterious type, someone else might fall head-over-heels for the bubbly party animal. Understanding that different people find different traits attractive is hugely liberating.

A characteristic you have that one person finds annoying might be totally adored by the next person you date.

Just being aware of this can help you build resilience and hopefully help with taking rejection less personally. Few people enjoy the small talk that goes hand-in-hand with first dates. To help that first connection along, we have summaries of each type and suggestions for the ideal date. Either way, you get a compatibility percentage for each person, can search for people in any location, can see who has liked you, and you get a list of suggested matches. Start meeting like-minded people today and stop wasting time on bad dates.

The app is available for both iOS and Android. up here.

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Personality dating app

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Finally, a Dating App That Matches You Based on Your Myers & Briggs Type