Pursuing someone in a relationship

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Jun 29, 2, 0 0. After years of dating experience under my belt, I can safely say that most of the attractive women I've met had a boyfriend, fiance, husband, or at least someone they were sleeping with or otherwise seeing at the time I met them. In the past, I've always respected the fact that these women were in relationships and did not pursue them.

I used to put myself in the shoes of the other guy, and thought that I would be very upset if someone was trying to get with my girlfriend. However, lately I've rethought my position on this. The attractive women I meet are rarely single, and it's been my experience and the experience of my friends that most women wait until they've found another man they like before they ditch the guy they're currently dating.

So I Pursuing someone in a relationship that by being respectful of these relationships, I'm only screwing myself out of a lot of opportunities, especially when the girl I like is also showing s of interest in me. I wouldn't try to get with the girlfriend of one of my friends, but some random guy I don't know? May the best man win. I will still draw the line at getting involved with engaged and married women. What are your views on the subject? Lilani Sometimes known as CaitieLou. May 27, 6, 0 0.

No, nonononono, no. Definitely not. I may want to, and I may be tempted, but there is absolutely no way in hell. There is no way in hell I'd do that to anyone. It's just despicable, it's a horrible kind of drama to instigate, and it's a horrible way to start a relationship. Logiclul New member.

Sep 18, 0 0. Yes, because she will want to be with whoever makes her the most happy. If you can make her happier than him, then you'd be denying her that happiness by backing away because of him. Relationships don't last forever, don't pretend like they do.

They often end due to a third love interest or some huge argument. I wouldn't chase a married woman though. Vault I'm in your mind fuzz. Sep 26, 18, 0 0. Oct 9, 44 0 0.

I would, in fact most of women I've dated were with someone else before we got together. I was seeing one while she married. It is about giving people what they want.

IF she or he wants you more than their current, uhm why not get with them if the feeling is mutual? Its just like Mitt Romey says; you should be able to fire people who arent giving you good service. Dont make sense to drop your current provider till you at least shopped around for a new one. No I wouldn't. Doesn't seem right to me. If someone's in a relationship I feel I ought to respect that and not try to pursue them. If they want other people to pursue them then I think they shouldn't be in their current relationship.

If they want people to pursue them anyway I'm not particularly sure I'd be so comfortable about being in a relationship with them myself anyway. DustyDrB Made of ticky tacky. Jan 19, 8, 0 0. And it worked out well for me. Let's just say what goes around comes around. Would I do it again?

It depends. If I think the guy is an asshole and I like the woman enough, maybe I will.

If I respect the fellow, then no. If they're married, then no. I did go on one date with an engaged girl, though. May 6, 1, 0 0. DustyDrB said:. No I wouldn't, it's completely scummy, and stupid, to pursue someone in a relationship. Some guy tried to split me and my girlfriend up by telling her how he felt, while knowing she was in a relationship.

Justice was done. Jan 30, 2, 0 0. If would be furious if it happened to me, so definitely not. FamoFunk Dad, I'm in space. Mar 10, 2, 0 0. I haven't and I wouldn't. Love makes people do crazy things, even ruin someone's relationship to have the other person in it. A Weary Exile New member. Aug 24, 3, 0 0. Been there, done that. Don't do it, even if you feel like you'd be the better match. Even if you aren't actively trying to break them up you'll be seen as a threat.

You'll just end up heart-broken and, likely, friendless. Not worth it. JesterRaiin New member.

Apr 14, 2, 0 0. Brawndo said:.

Kae That which exists in the absence of space. Well I would mind, but being as handsome as I am I cannot help but attract those poor creatures, of course I say no, but even then the damage has been done and now they cannot ever look at another man, so I kinda ruin it for every other guy anyway, so sad, but I mean who can really blame them?

In-between New member. Apr 7, 0 0. I messed around with a married girl back in I'd never put myself through that misery again. Now am I willing to be the guy she cheats on her boyfriend with? Absolutely, but no more adultery. Esotera New member.

Pursuing someone in a relationship

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