Recovering from ecstasy

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Medically Reviewed. Many people enjoy taking the drug because it makes them feel more energetic and allows them to continue dancing. Unfortunately, this high is usually followed by a comedown with hangover-like effects. While time is the only cure for a post-ecstasy hangover, there are some things you can do to make yourself more comfortable.

Ecstasy enjoys a favorable reputation at raves, clubs, and parties because of its perceived positive attributes. Like any drug, things are not always so rosy after their influence wears off. A article explains that in most cases, ecstasy floods people with joy. The comedown, crash, or rebound works much like a hangover. A comedown often induces the feelings a person was seeking to avoid while under the influence of a particular substance.

Comedowns increase the risk of addiction because a person will continue chasing the positive feelings they had before the unfavorable consequences the next Recovering from ecstasy. Also, ecstasy can easily build psychological dependency and tolerance in many individuals.

I would prefer to chat online. MDMA floods the brain with serotonina hormone that makes you feel good. People who did not have a good experience with ecstasy may welcome the crash. A person who felt good while taking ecstasy could feel depressed and sluggish. A teenager named Laura discussed her history with ecstasy on BBC.

She was 20 years old at the time of the interview and explained that she started to take ecstasy every weekend. It became an ongoing cycle for her. Though she quit ecstasy, she now feels more susceptible to anxiety and other mental health issues because of her past heavy use. These feelings are probably the result of a decrease in serotonin once the high begins to wane.

A comedown can also be worsened depending on Recovering from ecstasy variety of other factors, such as:. Ecstasy is an illicit drug, so comedowns have not been thoroughly studied. MDMA users often self-report their symptoms and assist each other in online forums. One Quora user mentioned that the average comedown lasts between one and two days.

This person also mentioned that feelings of sadness after two, three, or even four days could be normal. Tonic reports that people should watch out for fluttering in the chest or fever, which could be s of serotonin syndrome.

Mayo Clinic warns that serotonin syndrome is deadly if not treated. Though this hormone is known for making a person feel good, it can also be dangerous when it is accumulated. It can cause various symptoms. It is imperative to get help if symptoms of serotonin syndrome are present.

There are ways to treat an ecstasy crash, but many of these remedies are self-reported and may not work for everyone. Ecstasy has a high potential for misuse and is known to cause tolerance and dependency.

Substance abuse treatment is highly encouraged for those who want to quit using ecstasy after becoming dependent or tolerant. This web's information is At Delphi Behavioral Health Group we take pride in providing accurate and up-to-date content to all our website users. Written by: Staff Writer.

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Ecstasy Use And The Following Hangover Ecstasy enjoys a favorable reputation at raves, clubs, and parties because of its perceived positive attributes. Get Immediate Treatment Help. I am ready to be sober. The Tab. Verywell Mind. Go Ask Alice — Columbia University. Mayo Clinic.

Recovering from ecstasy

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