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It may have originated from Australia, but RedHotPie has become popular globally. The site connects males, females, couples, and groups who are seeking casual dating and sexual experiences. Sound good so far? Learn more below. Last updated: July In comparison to other providers Red Hot Pie is in the upper midfield. Test now for free. Aside from the remarkable price differences among the three membership packages, Premium, PremiumPlus, and Platinum packages show a great distinction on what each could offer.

Premium membership allows you to send 5 daily messages, view private or restricted photos, have 2 cam views, and be the third priority on the listing or search. PremiumPlus covers all the premium benefits with additional 15 messages a total of 20second priority listing, access to listed phone s, and private chat requests. Platinum membership has a total of 9 benefits, covering both the aforementioned packages, having a total of 50 messages daily, 3 webcam views, first listing priority, mailbox highlighted messages, guests who match your criteria can message you and view your listed contact details.

Membership is set for auto-renew by default. You may change this setting if you prefer to control your renewal and payment. For membership longer than one month, you have to pay the full amount price per month x of months. Considering that Australia is the site's country of origin, we can conclude that the US has a ificant of members actively using the site.

Gender is not an issue and Red hot pie com couples and groups swingers are welcome to use the site's features. RedHotPie acknowledges swingers from the moment they up. When answering the registration form, they have the opportunity to declare their needs to properly match them with other swingers like them. The difference between the of male and female members is remarkable.

This could mean that men are probably more open-minded than women with what RedHotPie can offer.

It's a proven science anyway that men are more likely to engage in swinger-kind of relationships. The majority of Red Hot Pie members are within the age range of 25 to 34 years old. Members of these ages seem to be quite active on the site and frequently interact with other users. This is probably because of such age group's easier access Red hot pie com the internet. Here you can see how membership figures at Red Hot Pie are developing compared to others. The up process of RedHotPie is simple and doesn't require much information. All you need is your or a linked Facebook.

There is a verification as well once you've successfully filled out the needed information. While it may seem to be appealing to have an easy registration process, we can't help but conclude that this makes the site vulnerable to fake users and profiles. RedHotPie is open for everyone regardless of gender or relationship status. This step also asks about your relationship status and if you are creating an with your partner or group. Couples and groups are very much welcome and can explore any of the special features of the site. The third and fourth steps of registration let you describe yourself by choosing the right icon for your body type, height, and ethnicity.

It also allows you to declare who you are looking for, the age range, and your intentions about the relationship. There are different ways on how you can communicate with other members: simple messaging style, webchat, text chat, and flirt. There are also advanced search settings for premium members. If you don't want to receive any messages for the moment, you may adjust the settings and activate the lock feature.

Unlock it and receive messages again for your convenience. When checking the inbox, messages highlighted in red are from premium members. Those highlighted in green are unread at the time of the. Using the contacting features is available for all paying members. For members who wish to block certain users sending inappropriate messages or showing improper behavior, you may report them using the "Report Abuse" link. Each member has a choice of what to show on his or her profile.

Just go to the " and Profile" section and edit the fields that you want to change. You may also add information on the parts that you've skipped before. A lot of members are open when it comes to their profile information. Even sensitive topics such as intimate, sexual, and fetish interests are usually filled out by the members.

Photos are optional. However, profiles with photos look more genuine and more likely to become interesting to other users. You may also add separate folders for public, private, and amateur picture sets. While completing your profile, you have the option to put "Ask me" and "Do not display. There are some in-app purchases which let you access the premium features of the app. Make sure to turn off the auto-renew if you don't intend to keep the app or the premium services for a long time to avoid inconvenience.

Lets you choose from several flirt messages to attract other members even if you can or cannot message them. This feature helps you give a good first impression with the right choice of message for the right kind of member. If you are sending a flirt to a user who doesn't match your criteria or vice versa, you will be notified and asked if you still want to send the flirt. It is free anyway, so why not take that risk? Browse sexy and naughty photos posted by other members. Feeling confident and Red hot pie com Post your pictures as well and get a chance to win some cash prizes if you will be chosen.

You may also have a collection of your amateur photos by creating an album on your profile. See members around your area using the app. Adjust your privacy settings to "accurate," "vicinity," and "nearby. With "accurate," your location will be shown to members when you appear to their search. Lastly, "nearby" gives you maximum privacy by only showing your registered location, not the current one. Just provide the date of your preference, describe your date or dates and the venue, and choose an inviting message for your prospects.

For something wholesome and more of a friendly online meetup, try the "Social Chat" and start everything above-the-belt. Those who prefer to send and read text messages only, use the text-only chat. If you are planning to travel and meet other members on your destination, check out this feature and schedule your date! Save time and finalize your itinerary right away by just choosing the date of your meet up and match it with other members' schedule.

Check the upgrade every now and then because they sure do return their promos once in a while. RedHotPie will not appear on your statement of. For apps, the app provider collects the payment from you — your card details are not directly linked to your RedHotPie. You can reactivate you RedHotPie if it has been less than a year after the cancellation. It is recommended to just create Red hot pie com new if it has been deactivated for a long time.

RedHotPie rejects profiles which contain the detailed location and private information of the member. Likewise, bad words, illegal behaviors, solicitation and money-making scheme, exploitation of minors, nonsense information on the paragraph part to meet the minimum of required words, a language other than English, and copyright issues are also grounds for rejection. It's possible to reset your if you can provide the original username and address you used to set up your. Change your password right away and contact the customer service so they can verify your identity and reset the for you.

In RedHotPie, your profile is locked if it is still under review. You have to wait for a few hours to about a day until your profile is approved or rejected. During that time, you are not yet allowed to send messages to any member. On the Nearby at the bottom of the RedHotPie site, click "notify me" and choose which setting only sends notifications to you. RedHotPie respects if they wish to be identified as male and female which they may choose upon registration. Other members cannot view your restricted photos unless they are paying for membership. If they are premium members of RedHotPie, they should see the contents except when they are using the app on Apple devices.

Due to the company's rules about explicit contents, such photos cannot be saved or accessed through the app. Your friends can check out your photos using browsers like Safari, Google Chrome, or Mozilla Firefox. The verification process takes at least three days. You have to make sure that you followed all the guidelines about the verification photo to avoid inconveniences.

There are three possible reasons why the messages were removed. First, they are more than six months old. Lastly, the message contains inappropriate contents that are subject for evaluation and later on deletion. Thank you for your question.

We will answer it as soon as possible. Casual Dating under the radar. RedHotPie Review. Success Rate: New Members:. Test Red Hot Pie for free. Who is Red Hot Pie for and not for?

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