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Sounds like a fab summer read.

Think Bridget Jones meets The Office. Kind Regards, Lisa. Site looks brill : Will tell a few people I know about it.

Cheers Vialdana www. I could not wait to read this one hoping it was going to be as good as her books. Plot Rachel Summers has been dumped by the heartless Simon. Her best friends Emelie and Matthew are on hand to help her come to terms with singlehood as it is somewhere Rachel has never found herself for long.

They decide it is best for her to conquer being single for once and for all to make her get over Simon. Rachel has always had a thing about making lists so it seemed the perfect thing to do with a few drinks inside of them to sit and come up with a Single Girls To Do List!

Little does Rachel know this list is going to take her on an adventurous journey doing things she has never even dreamed of doing! My Opinion I cannot explain to you my excitement when this arrived on my door mat to review. My problem with this book was I enjoyed it so much I had finished it a night later! The first thing which needs to be mentioned about this book is the front cover.

This cover is going to scream out at you from the shelves to buy it. Bold and eye-catching is the only way to describe this book. There will be no hunting for this book. The title is in bold pink letters which have been written on a list.

The back ground is light blue with pink stars and a pink car in the top corner, every chick lit lovers dream cover! The main character in this book is Rachel.

From the start of this book I loved her character. When we meet Rachel she is being dumped by Simon and so we meet Rachel right from the start of her journey and see the emotion she is going through. I think this is why we warm to her character straight away as I am sure most of us have found ourselves in her situation so we can relate to her character. We could all do with friends like them. I did find that it took me a while to like the character of Dan who works on set with Rachel. It is an easy read, nothing to challenging and yet enjoyable all the same.

This book is a real turner and it kept me entertained the whole way through the book. From the first we were off on a fast pace being drawn into the story and the book carried on in this way. There were no low points to the book were you would usually find yourself skimming a chapter. The ending was up nicely. In my opinion the end of the book really was the end of the book for me.

When I read The I Heart series at the end of each book I found myself needing another book as they felt like they had somewhere else to go and Singles girl to do list felt the same with The Jenny Lopez has A Bad Week book, but with this book I did not feel that the book could go any further. I hope it does just stay as a stand alone book. This book is very out there with its contents so you need to have an imagination to read it, the things Rachel gets up to such as getting a Tattoo and flying round the world to meet someone you had a crush on at school all in the space of two weeks!

I liked the little part where Jenny Lopez turns up in the book it did give a familiar feel to the book, without actually taking over the book. It was a nice touch. The style in which Lindsey writes her books is unlike any Author I have read before she really has got an edge to her books and that continues to show in this latest book.

I would defiantly recommend this book. If you have a holiday coming up this is the book you should be taking with you. We now have the wait for the next in the I Heart series which comes out this year and I still hold onto the hope that Lindsey Kelk will be writing a full book of Jenny Lopez!

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Singles girl to do list

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