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Add your rating. Parents say Kids say Adult Written by Timotha Pitts June 22, Appropriate For Your Children! Common Sense Media is totally overrating this game.

Skyrim is perfectly fine for all ages! In the execution scene your avatar looks away from the beheading. The sexual content in the game are only references. The violence is nothing a 9 year old couldn't handle.

There is little to no gore in this game. Yes, you can buy alcohol in Skyrim but it doesn't do you any good. Buying mead is about as good as throwing your money away in this game. This game is fine for any 5th grader and I should know that because I'm a student counselor. I got this game for my two 12 and 6 year old sons. They love this game and the fact that there are dragons and werewolves and goblins reminds them that it is all fantasy and NOT reality. All in all this game should be rated T for teen. This title contains: Positive Messages. Positive role models. This review Helped me decide.

Had useful details. Read my mind. Report this review.

Adult Written by proud2basig June 16, Let your kids watch some R movies? I am an uncle of a 9 year old boy. I've played this game through twice and felt totally comfortable giving it to my nephew. If you are unsure whether the game is appropriate for your child I suggest the following: The opening sequence of the game ends in what is, arguably, the most explicit content in the entire game.

There is a violent scene of a beheading followed by a dragon attack. Run through this opening sequence past the character creation user interface and ending with the escape from the Skyrim no blood mod into the catacombs. If you still feel comfortable at that point you can be confident that the rest of the game doesn't get any worse. The label on the box for profanity is a joke. There is little to no profanity in the game. The label for sexually suggestive content is a joke. The worst thing that happens is dead enemies stripped to under clothes.

Their is explicit violence in the game, to be sure, but if you are comfortable with the violence kids are exposed to on TV on a daily basis this is no different.

The biggest reason this game may not be appropriate till later in life is that it is a complicated game and kids may not be able to fully grasp the user interface and quest line. Violent but good lessons. As a parent and teacher i was worried at first when my child talked about this game age 11 but after my husband played it, it turns out its very very helpful in education skills. It teaches life lessons like kindness is rewarded and evil is punished. However with the blood and fighting I believe the kid should be at least age of Also no cursing at all!!

Parent Written by Jacob sli. May 6, Undeserving of the M rating In the elder scrolls v skyrim you play as the "dragon born". You travel and explore around the vast open world of skyrim. Although there is violence in the game it is not an excessive and there is certainly a lot less violence than most m games.

The game is not based around the idea of killing waves of enemies it Skyrim no blood mod based around the idea of going on quests and completing missions. The sexual content is at a minimum there are a few characters waring revealing outfits but other than that. The drug and alcohol is at a bare minimum. I personally think the game should be rated teen not m. My daughter is 14 and played the original dungeons and dragons roll playing game she loved it. She recently got an xbox and wanted to get this game she convinced me to let her get it and I watched her play and played a little bit myself.

After playing the game I think this game is undeserving of the M rating. I would happily let a 12 year old play this game. This title contains: Ease of Play.

Adult Written by Skyrim no blood mod April 22, I have played this game and there is only blood no gore ,violence,no sexual content,and not that much swearing. And this game is good for learning how to make right decisions. I do recommend this game for 14 and up. This title contains: Positive role models. The Real Review: The elder scrolls v Skyrim if your child is asking for The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim it is a fun game but there is a scene at the start of the game where a prisoner is decapitated but what i found out was that you can look around in this part so i tried it and you can look away from that scene and that pretty much all the gore in the game but it is sand box game so you can choose to not do violent things and be a hero or not.

Parent of a 13, 14, and year-old Written by Lt. My other kids also play it I have 3 two boys and a girl and I also really like to play it its very fun it is also good for family night Skyrim no blood mod bonding. Adult Written by OverprotectiveInsane December 19, M rated games are rated by who? Yes, you hear people say "Too much sex and violence" which is unfair. The people who rate this are insane, the sex is minimum is not none. The only thing you hear is "look at my sexy face" which is one part. Thats it. The ability to see this game as violent is stupid.

The blood is minimum. You see a spurt that is small, that my 7 year old son has seen on tv. At the beginning of the game, there is a decapitation. Its brief and there is only a flash of blood. Throughout the game you can burn people to death, but its just flames engulfing someone, with no screams or burning flesh. In addition, among the games of today Skyrim is the rarest kind of jewel. It is an experience that should be had by anyone who loves video games, and the story-line, moral choices, character development, atmosphere, and sheer gorgeous beauty of the world you are exploring make this game one of the best I have ever played.

As a hard core gamer all of my life, I look at this game as a once-in-a-decade occurance. It is unique, it is individual a very rare thing in games that are becoming increasingly fixated on only the multiplayer experience and it is beautiful. But that's not the point. I am a young adult, after all, and this game, as a M Rated game, is targeted towards me and middle to older teens. Is this game appropriate for children? In some ways possibly more so than most M rated games. In other ways, it is not so much inappropriate as perhaps over younger children's he.

This game is a very difficult game. It has difficulty settings, of course, but the complexity of the world and the problems the character is presented with, the sheer vastness of an entire land to explore and dozens of quests to fullfill, make this game a likely bewildering experience to many children younger than 12, and only if those twelve year olds are experienced or fairly experienced gamers.

There is a way of thinking that goes along with experience with games, and they will need critical thinking skills, trial and error, patience, and technical skill to be successful at this game. While it is extremely rewarding to wander into the wilderness of Skyrim, weak and practically defenseless and without knowing anything about the world you are entering, I entered that world as an experienced and confident gamer, and suspect that the experience would be overwhelming to younger children who do not have much experience with video games.

There are just so many things to do, become, try. Which brings us to the moral choices dilemma. It is true that in Skyrim, you can choose to become anything from the noblest man or woman to ever walk to earth, to the lowest, cruelest, piece of scum.

For example, you could choose to save a man from a bandit's onslaught, and yet pickpocket random people on the street. You can donate your money to homeless beggars, and then an assassin group and kill for money. There are many moral choices in this game. To many to count. And that is why I think, in the end, this game is better than a game in which you are forced to play by default, a completely good hero or a mean antihero as in the Grand Theft Auto games. The kind of moral choices in Skyrim can seem scary. After all, what if your child chooses to play as the worst kind of character, a merciless killer, who would kill innocent men and women on the street to rob them of their money?

First of all, the fighting in this game is far less violent than most games now days. There is a little spurt of blood, and then the body falls, completely intact unless it is beheaded, and even then, the animation is nothing that most 12 year olds haven't seen worse of in movies or on TV. Some people I know play the game in this way and find in enjoyable. But many other people find an excersize in morality, as they try to become a genuinly good person and make decisions that will benefit those around them.

It means more to be Skyrim no blood mod hero in Skyrim, because you can choose not to. IT means more to choose not to lie, to choose to help someone who needs it, to choose to make a character who embodies some aspect of how you would hope to live.

But at the end of the game, the character is just a character and the world is just a world. RPG's can teach us things about ourselves, and Skyrim is one such obsticle course through which we can practice steering our morality.

Skyrim no blood mod

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