Whack a mole android source code

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Be prepared as this coding lesson will be a lot more challenging than the ones. It is a better idea to create a separate function for this, as we may need to use it more than once. Let's also group all the code in the constructor that is related to initialising the GUI Swing components and call the function: initGUI :.

Make sure to call: initGUI first, so the label array is initialised. Then we can call clearBoard to set the values to 0 and set the imageicons to 'moleIn. For each label representing a hole or mole we need to add a Mouse Click Event Listener, which basically executes certain code when the corresponding label detects a mouse click.

To do this, we must first loop through each label in the array. Then, add a mouse listener for each label. As this is beyond the scope of this tutorial, how the Mouse Listener Event works will not be explained in detail. We can now create a function: initEvents which will contain all the code that adds event listeners. For now, let's add the mouse click event listener to each label. As you can see, we now need to implement the pressedButton function. This function should do the following: 1 check whether the pressed button label is a mole or an empty hole 2 if it is a mole, increase the score by 1 3 if it is an empty hole, decrease the score by 1 this is the penalty for missing 4 update the score label 5 clear the board reset it 6 generate another random mole.

Note that we are calling the functions: clearBoard and genRandMole which we created earlier. Whack A Java Mole Introduction 1. Coding 1: Getting started 2.

Coding 2: Creating the Game Window 3. Coding 3: Panels and Labels 4. Coding 4: Creating the holes 5. Coding 5: Hit the moles 6. Coding 6: Timer, Start Button, Labels 7. Coding 7: Wrapping up - saving the highscore 8. Lesson 1: Getting started with Java 9. Lesson 2: Java basics Lesson 3: Loops Lesson 4: Classes and Objects Lesson 5: An exercise on classes and objects Lesson 6: File IO Lesson 7: Graphical User Interface.

Powered by GitBook. Whack A Java Mole. Coding 5: Hit the moles Be prepared as this coding lesson will be a lot more challenging than the ones. Before diving into the next part, let's first organise the code we have written so far. We will group our code into separate functions methods and call them when we need to use them.

BOLD, 20 ; lblTitle.

Coding 5: Source Code import java. Color; import java. Font; import java.

Image; import java. MouseAdapter; import java. MouseEvent; import java. Random; import javax. ImageIcon; import javax. JFrame; import javax. JLabel; import javax. JPanel; import javax. SwingConstants; import javax.

Whack a mole android source code

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