When will i meet someone quiz

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By clicking " Up" you are agreeing to our privacy policy and confirming that you are 13 years old or over. Scroll To Start Quiz. I'm loving my life. I have some issues, but I'm generally quite content. I have moments where I'm happy, but mostly I'm pretty bummed out. I'm pretty much miserable. It just ended. It's been a few weeks. It ended a few months ago. It's been quite a while. I have profiles on a couple sites, but I rarely check them. I have a bunch of profiles. It's definitely a ificant time-consumer in my life. I'm not on any or I'm only on one that really matches my lifestyle.

I'm on pretty much every online dating site there is. That's how I spend most of my free time. It was a mutual decision. There was very little emotion involved at the end.

It was very sad. I'm guessing that it will take some time to get over it. It was extremely intense. It took a lot out of me. It was pretty intense, but it was a long time ago. I've gotten over it. We are fairly civil with each other, but we don't really talk.

I wouldn't say that we're best friends or anything, but we do chat occasionally. Nope, we kind of hate each other.

Yes, we are still very close friends. I spend countless hours doing that. I really don't spend any time on that. I'm involved in that activity way more than I should be. I probably spend a couple hours a week doing that, but it's really only when I'm bored. I have done a ton of self-improvement work.

I've probably done more than most people. I'm starting to do that work now. I'm fine just how I am. No, I believe it takes time to recognize your soulmate.

I believe in lust at first sight, but I'm doubtful about the love part. I'm open to the idea. I totally believe in love at first sight. All of them. Most of them. A few of them. None of them. I've never had that experience. I've definitely thought that a few times. It's pretty common for me to feel like that is the case. I had that feeling once before.

There is way more drama in my life than I would like. I find that the drama is decreasing as I cut out those who constantly bring it into my life. It's basically one train wreck after another. My life is basically drama-free these days. The world is a total mess. Yeah, I'm a pessimist. I always see the silver lining in things.

It honestly just depends on my mood. I tend to be pretty optimistic, unless I'm stressed or not getting enough sleep. I'm definitely more of a pragmatist when it comes to love. I have a romantic side, but it's balanced with a more pragmatic sense.

My expectations are usually a bit unrealistic when it comes to romance. Yeah, I really can't help myself. People overwhelm me. I'm definitely an introvert.

I generally prefer time by myself, but I don't mind the occasional gathering of people. I do prefer the company of others, but I like to get away and be by myself every so often. I love people. A big gathering totally fills me up with energy. My circle is rather large, but I do have an inner circle of closer friends. I have a handful of people that I consider my friends. I have a vast group of friends. I have one or two friends. It's one of my favorite days of the year.

It's not my favorite holiday, but I have had some good experiences on that day. I detest Valentine's Day and I always have. It's better if you're with someone, but I do like it in general. They aren't together anymore, but they are pretty cordial to each other.

They're still together, but I think they just kind of tolerate each other. They pretty much hate each other. They are very much in love with each other. I definitely like things to be done a certain way. I'm extremely low-maintenance. I go with the flow in life. There are some things that I'm very particular about, but I'm pretty laid-back in others. There are a couple of things that I'm attached to being a certain way, the rest of the time I'm very easy to please. I'm in peak physical condition.

I'm in the best shape of my life. I'm in okay shape. I could use to exercise a bit more. I'm totally out of shape. I'm basically on a fast food and junk food diet. I eat stuff that's healthy once in a while. I cheat once in a while, but overall I eat pretty healthy. I eat a very healthy diet that consists of a lot of fruits and vegetables.

When will i meet someone quiz

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When Will I Find My Soulmate?