Where can i sell my coins online

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Many of us spend years or even decades building up a truly impressive gold coin collection.

The thing is, it can be a tricky process. Nowadays, there are dozens of ways you could try to convert some or all of your rare British coins into cash. But, are you getting the best deal? There are hundreds of coin buyers UK Based claiming to be the one who helps you do it. Some will give you a much better deal than others but be sure to choose the right coin dealers for you! Of course, year-old British silver coins will sell for more than modern 50p coins, but even new collectable coins can be precious to the right buyer. A rare 50p is very sought after sometimes.

Who knows, your coins may even have minting errors? Decimal coins often sell for more based on how many coins were issued. Choose the right place to get a coin valuation online and directly to sell them. Another option is to sell your rare coins at a live, traditional local coin auction. Of course, this may be dependent on your local auction house has an interest in selling coins or collections and having the kind Where can i sell my coins online customer base that would be likely to offer a decent price for them. If you are lucky enough to have such an auction nearby, make sure you know the costs before you commit.

Some Auctions will charge you a percentage of the sale price while others will charge a minimum flat fee, this could reduce the return you expect dramatically. Many collectors choose to sell through eBay or similar online auction sites operating today. It is definitely a better choice than going through a pawnbroker, but getting a reasonable price for even rare 2 pound coin or even a collectable 50p coin requires a great deal of right timing and even a bit of luck.

It takes a very long time to list each coin separately and go to the efforts that are required to get the right attention for each one. Listing your entire collection at once is an option but most of the people bidding will only really want a few of the pieces, and may not understand or at least appreciate the value of the whole. Worse, the fees charged by these sites can be outrageous. Getting fair value for valuable coins is a challenge at the best of times.

But in this case, it is true. Using a trusted, established coins buyers to sell old coins and notes online give you certain undeniable benefits. We understand the market for collectable British coins very well, we have spent decades building a reputation for fair, honest and transparent dealing — something you may not find with a pawnbroker. We are a business, though. So we generally buy coins for slightly less than their expected sale price.

In the end, we make more money if you know you are getting a reasonable price and come back to us. We buy many coin collections of all kinds from customers who had considered to sell old British coins by auctioning them but were put off by the necessity of breaking the coins up into individualised lots, and the distinct possibility of getting a meager price from unexpectedly disinterested bidders. Selling through an exchange also avoids the hefty insurance and auction fees, as well as giving the seller their Where can i sell my coins online right away.

Why not give us a try the next time you are thinking about selling coins! Check out our reviews or try out our free coin valuation online. This is the real question. The exact answer depends on the coins, the condition, where the coin was minted, and the market for such coins at the time. We can only give you specific prices if you tell us what you have to sell.

It might also represent a coin that is of a type we do not specialise in. For help with buying and selling coins, you can use our free coin valuation online tab that is displayed on the bottom right-hand corner of your screen. If you experience any problems or cannot find what you are looking for, please and we'll be happy to assist you with your search.

The Answer is No! Never clean your rare Where can i sell my coins online collectable coins ever! Of course, we most want to buy what we can expect to sell for the best prices. We do have our specialties as well. While this list changes frequently, most of our stock is of a similar numismatic type.

Maybe you want to sell gold sovereigns? Remember, often you are not just selling scrap gold and silver. Rare 2 pound coins issued in gold and silver are wanted. We pay top prices on all rare collectable British coins. Gold or Silver. Any coins and sets issued both in brilliant uncirculated or with a superior proof finish. You name it. If you have it, we want it. Please remember that this price can change at any moment. Prices are only secured after we have received goods.

Unfortunately, as much as we love coins, we can not buy everything. We do not purchase modern coins that have passed through your change in general circulation. We understand that there is a collectors market out there, and we recommend that you sell these types of coins on sites like eBay or similar. Sadly, there is not enough value in these types of currencies for us to offer you a reasonable price and sell it on.

Not all 50p coins are made or deed the same. The Royal Mint produces almost all their 50p coins for both currency and collecting purposes. Typically, these Royal Mint 50ps that have been released for collecting will have a higher strike than the standard 50p you find rolling about in your loose change.

Each one will come with a Brilliant Uncirculated finish BU and are often sealed in protective packaging or a secure presentation case, to prevent the currency from being handled, which can impact its value. If your coin does not have Royal Mint Packaging and it has been found or passed through change then you likely have a currency coin. We do not purchase these types. Coins found in your change are only Gold or Silver in colour.

The best place to sell these types of coins is eBay. There is a huge following and better yet, you keep all your profits made. We receive many requests for home visits, and naturally, we are happy to oblige; however, due to traveling costs and running our business, we can only offer this service for more ificant collections of high value. In some cases, we may charge a small fee, but this will always be discussed and arranged before we arrive.

There are no hidden fees. Nowadays, the easiest and most convenient way to sell coins online is to conduct an online appraisal. We will require you to send us detailed high-resolution images of the coins you wish to know the value. For Gold and Silver Coins. If your collection is worth substantially more, we advise you to send it in 2 or more individually insured parcels.

We will also phone you immediately to confirm our receipt and your arranged payment. Please include your telephone in each parcel and the banking information you wish us to make the payment. With all coin purchases, we will require one form of Photo Identification. Sell Coins Online. Selling made easy. Selling Coins Beware! Auctions Choose Us What Price?

Hold On Get the best value for your coins. Choose only British and foreign Coin Buyers.

No matter what, avoid pawn shops. You are not selling scrap gold jewellery. Often paying a fraction of the price of gold sovereigns to sell on for much more. Sell to a coin shop in our opinion, the best place to sell coins online. How much can you expect to sell rare coins online for? Just don't do it! You may be asking yourself "should my old coins be cleaned before selling them? They are worth more in their current state! If you have it, we will buy it. We like collectable British coins of all kinds, but especially modern Royal Mint coins.

Collectable British Milled Coins. Gold Bullion or any Bullion Coins and Bars are of interest. Get an offer on your coins now. We can't buy everything. Cupro Nickel 50p Coins. How to Sell Your Coins. Free Online Valuation. Simply put. You can sell your coins without even leaving the comfort of your own home. Insured Postage Options. Where to send your coins.

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Where can i sell my coins online

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