White sexy girls in Scammon Kansas

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A flag of triple hue That out in Freedom's sunny soil Took root and grew and grew; A little plant it may have been, ' Along some humble way, But it is splendid as the sun, And great and strong to-day. What is the odor of the flower?

A sweetness all its own, Outbreathing from the folded bud. The petals, blossom-blown. A PVeetness so Intense and pure iie, only, greets and knows Who makes its native soil his own, And tends it as it grows. What is the color of the flower? What is the mission of the flower? Pittsburg Gazette. Copyright,by Daily Story Pub. It was a pretty bit of road. It climbed the hill to where a dainty white silhouette against the enkindled.

Williamson knew thp stllhniiftt oh, how well he knew it! As the smart trap came nearer he gave the reins to the groom and sprang to the ground. Since she had not come to tell him the one thing nothing else mattered very much.

It was a way she had.

White sexy girls in Scammon Kansas

Perhaps other women were like that he did not know. The whole sweep of his life had been away from women. Unconsciously he opened the other lid of his watch. The girl gave a quick, amazed little cry. She leaned forward.

White sexy girls in Scammon Kansas

There wasn't much mirth in the laugh. I that's why I came. House parties are not much in my line. Williamson hesitated. Williamson threw back his head and laughed a burst of genuine merriment. A line of hardness spoiled the 2urves of the girl's mouth. Waldmere for his interest in me," she said. You may be rich all of you here belong Do you want to marry me for my money? It caught and overwhelmed me. I was horribly afraid after I got here almost ready to turn and run for fear you would be disappointing. Women his lips twitched boyishly have never touched my life intimately i didn't know they could hurt one It's just that crazy people always think everybody else crazy.

I never went to a house party before in my life. I'm as poor as a church mouse. I work in my uncle'3 office from morning until night for a bare pittance. Mumsie and I have to live on it, and we just hold our he high and do it. But we are hungry sometimes not really for bread," seeing the look on his fae, "but for life's goodies.

That's why I refused you last if You love me," he said. I will not starve and be shabby and go without all that makes life worth living," she broke out, with flashing eyes. I slipped away from them all to beg you not to. I I begged for time. It makes my head ache and my back and I go home so tired, so tired, an.

I'm glad you didn't say yes to the old fellow. I feel sorry for him, a fellow feeling; but it won't be as hard White sexy girls in Scammon Kansas him as if you had said yes. I love the things that he can give.

A sudden sternness had come Into Williamson's young face. If love was not more to her than all else beside; if she could give him up for an old man's money It would wrench hi3 heart but he would leave her. She wasn't the girl whose warm dark eyes looked from the picture in his watch.

White sexy girls in Scammon Kansas

Awake from a beautiful dream he would go back and take up his strenuous life. The train began to move out. It was a long train and they stood at the edge of the platform. He was going! He despised her' Going! The cars were passing swiftlj new. Going what were riches what was anything without him"; Going and she couldn't tell him she was choking so. She clutched his hands wildly.

But her words came fast, as AprH shower, "I want you without it all," she said. I'll tell him that he isn't availablerejected with thanks. He swung up on the last coach; there wasn't time to do more, and stood there watching the flutter ol her handkerchief until the train was lost around a curve. I believe I did hear it, though.

At the Waldmere'a party, aren't you. I've come down for the break up. Therr was a girl on I know so I didn't got off until the last minute. Just caught a glimpse of old Billy never heard of him at a house party before. Williamson Billy put her In the trap and leaned over the wheel as though loath to go. I heard that he had the Waldmerea under promise not to mention hia millions.

Is It so? Why laughingdon't you know? He's president of the Lord knows how many mills. He's absolutely crazy over his factory people's comfort, and is forever building churches and schools for them they fairly worshijj him. The attention of medical men has been called to two extraordinary cases reported from a hospital in Paris. A man had been seriously cut by accident and the wound refused to heal. From time to time the patient went into violent paroxysms and death appeared certain.

A surgeon who had given much attention to the subject of vibrations secured the services ol a violin player and treated the sufferer to a musical remedy. A change appeared at once and under the influence of the violin recovery was rapid and complete. In the other case a wound continued to suppurate in spite of all that could be done. The violin was again called into requisition and played close to the injured part, which was bared for the purpose.

Soon the wound assumed a healthier appearance, suppuration ceased and a complete cure was effected. In both these cases it was noted that only eer tain kinds of music were of benefit, showing that vibrations must be strictly in accordance with the nature of the wound. England's Ugliest Man. Two little American girls went Into the drawing room while an Englishman of astounding ugliness was calling upon their mother.

They advanced hand in hand and stood regarding the visitor with an expression of mute astonishment. Instead, one of them exclaimed"? He is the ugliest man we have ever seen. The Englishman remained calm, while the children's mother, endeavoring to overcome her embarrassment, said: "O, Mr. Jones, they did not mean it the way you thought they did.

Jones, bursting into a hearty laugh. Admiral Jouett's Experience. Admiral Jouett, who is the jolliest old sea dog of all the retired officers of the navy, tells an amusing story of his early days as a cadet. Who gave you permission to speak? Let me hear only six words from you, sir, wnile you are on this ship: Port, starboard, yes, sir, and no, sir. Baltimore News. You can't have your cake and eat it, but you can eat your ow cake and swipe the other fellow's. Germany now surpasses France Id the export of kid gloves.

William C. Whitney, after balancing his s last year, found himself to be J, loser through the sport of racing. A pretty large sum, is it not? Enough to insure a poor man and his relations a comfortable living without work. I hear him upbraid the ex-secretary of the navy for spending his money so foolishly. But to this Mr. So far from being blamed, White sexy girls in Scammon Kansas is a considerable population the at taches White sexy girls in Scammon Kansas Mr.

Whitney's stables that look upon him as the essence of be nevolence and humanity. Whenever their patron wins a race they all share In a largesse. One day last summer a bookmaker went up to Trainer Rogers at the Saratoga track just after Mr. Whitney, and the buck et leaks at that. To win a stake here doesn't mean anything. Whitney will take the beast off their hands, are always waiting about in 3hoals.

As an example of the racing king's generosity, it is related that upon winning the English derby last year he ordered a certain hotel proprietor at Sheepshead Bay to give every one that entered a bottle of champagne. You may be sure the news spread quickly, and it was not long before the boniface had to call upon his neighbors for supplies. The bill that Mr. It was paid. What food for meditation on the van ity of all human greatness is afforded ey the death of Philip Joseph Mary Howard, only son of the Duke of Norfolk. The heir of the greatest nobleman In the world, entitled to quarter on his shield the arms of half the roy- al houses of Europe, with a lineafe stretching back almost to the days "when cameleopards and tigers still bounded in the Flavian amphitheater," and with vast wealth to support his hereditary honors, this young man, for whose health of body and mind pil grimages had been made, high heaven importuned by the prayers of thousands, lived and died an imbecile from his birth, the ghastly "family skeleton" of Arundel castle.

Heir of that Surrey who "united ail the gallantry and unbroken spirit of a rude age with all the elegance and grace of a polished era," he "wandered darkling" in the world for twenty -three years to die and prove the application of the motto of his princely house, set under the white horse of the Saxon, the winged crest of the Norseman and the lion cf England in his arms, "Virtue alone is invincible.

At the time now some years ago, when subscriptions were being solicited for the erection of a statue in New York city to President Washington, a gentleman called to secure a contribution from an old resident, who, although wealthy, was a little "near. Why, Washington does not need a statue. I keep him enshrined in my heart! The father of Ian Malcolm, M. The Scotchmen in the neighborhood consider themselves to be very good judges of beauty and character. The "Presidential Fever. One day I suggested to him that I should like to see him president.

It is sure death. Men recover from the smallpox, cholera and yellow fever, but they never get over the presi-dantlal fevr. A Denver milliner has a soft spot In her heart for horses. On a recent trip to New York she made a note of the horses' hats, which had not yet penetrated beyond the Mississippi.

White sexy girls in Scammon Kansas

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