Why do i like her so much quiz

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Like an hour. A few hours. Until I need her for something, I guess. Too damned many. We love the same movies. A few! I don't watch movies I don't like. Yeah, I have before. All the time. Not yet. Not in a long time. I'd really have to think about that. Of course! I think so, if it was that good of an opportunity. What about my job? Whoever gets to it first. Whoever knows what they want to watch.

We share. Some of them. We have the same friends. Most of them. More or less, I guess. Of course. As far as I know. Not really. As little as possible. We hang out a lot. Not a ton, but I like them. Depends on the pet.

We already do. For sure. I'd rather not. More than I wanted to. Once or twice. Dude, come on. I might get a little jealous. Of course, it's just talking. I think so. That's not cool. I made some mistakes.

No, that's not my style. I hope not. Of course not. We haven't been together long enough for that to even be a thing. I have no idea. I hope so! Not at all. More than I want to. Barely ever. We haven't yet. Yeah, some days. More than anything. It stresses me out, to be honest. It's been ages. Within the last month. I get her little things all the time. Who buys gifts for no reason? Yeah, she's decent. The best. Yes, she is.

It's hard work. I'm a fan. I've never really thought about it. Man, that's kind of crazy. We could talk about it. I'd be weirded out. That is never gonna happen. I already did. In a heartbeat. I dunno about that. Are you kidding? No way! If I say yes are you going to make me prove it? I think? I forget. It has its moments. Pretty awesome. We don't have a physical relationship yet. It's dead as roadkill. Never really thought about it. Heck yeah. Yeah, I feel pretty good with her.

Her body.

Her personality. Wish I could remember. Every now and then. As much as we can. That's not a thing I'd do. No, but I could see us doing that. Please stop. Find something else to do. Stay with her. See what I can do to make her feel better.

Go see the movie with a friend. It's usually just one of us doing the cooking. We've tried it before and it was fun.

She cooks. Las Vegas. I dunno.

Why do i like her so much quiz

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