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My wife and I have been happily married for over ten years now. We will call her Amy for now; the name has been changed to protect the innocent. We got Internet service about a year and a half ago. I had never seen anything like this in my life!

I was so turned on by it, the dogs, horses and donkeys fucking women. And these women were sucking, fucking and drinking hot animal cum! It was making me so horny, I was going insane with lust. Anyway, Amy came by Wife first dog sex computer one night as I was looking at a woman giving a horse a blowjob, and gagging on all the horse cum.

She said she thought that was sick and I was a pervert for looking at such sick behavior. I tried to get her to get into it, but she was not interested at all. From that point on, I was really careful not to let her catch me surfing the beast sites. After many a night looking at all those animal scenes, it made so horny I could hardly contain myself. I started to wish that I could talk her into it somehow.

It just so happened that one day, a few months later, that new neighbors moved in across the street. We live in a nice middle class neighborhood and we wanted to welcome them to the neighborhood. We went over, after they had time to settle in, and just said hi and let them know we had a good friendly neighborhood here. To my surprise, a big black lab made his way out of the house and came over and started to wag his tail, and looked very friendly.

Our neighbors, Terri and Jack said he was very smart and a friendly dog. We made small talk and then went on our way. Every now and then we would go over and play cards or just grill out back and we invited them over a few times, just so we could all get to know each other. They were Wife first dog sex the same age as we are, so we got along pretty well.

Not great close friends by any means, just more or less friends. They Wife first dog sex the instructions on feeding, and all that stuff. He was a good dog and I had fun throwing a ball and him chasing it and so on. They left on their trip, we kept Blackjack in the house, out in the sun room most of the time, where he could look outside and let him out to play during the day. Amy is so hot and sexy, tight little ass, her blond little patch of pubic hair, and perky little tits. She was so horny from the wine.

We got hotter and hotter, I had my fingers in her little pussy, and she was dripping all over my fingers. About the time we were really into the foreplay, Blackjack started to howl and carry on. He just kept on and on; it was very distracting. I went out to the sun room and he was standing there waging his tail and looking up at me, like what were you guys doing out there?

He went wild licking my fingers; I could see that he really liked the taste. I also saw that he was getting aroused, his big cock was sticking out a little from its sheath. Blackjack licked all the pussy juices off my fingers, so I decided to try a little deception on Amy. I went back to the den where Amy was finishing off another glass of wine, by this time she was getting really blasted, and that was fine with me.

I knew the more stoned she was, the better chance I had of getting her to do it with Blackjack. Amy was naked sitting in the couch, drinking another glass of wine and we were about to get started when, Blackjack came around the corner of the couch and stuck his big black nose on her leg.

She jumped and screamed, scared by the sudden intrusion of the big dog. About that time, Blackjack started to lick her hand and she softened up a bit, petting him on his big head. But Blackjack would not stop; he started to edge his nose toward her pussy area. She was trying to push his head back, but he was too strong, he must have really got excited when he got the scent of her pussy.

I told her, I think he likes you, look at how excited you have gotten him. Amy looked down to see his huge cock, sticking out from its sheath. It must have been 7 inches long now and it was not all the way hard. I told her to reach down and touch it. I told her he would probably like it very much.

She reached down and started to stroke his big tool, he really liked it because his dick started to grow and grow. She jumped at first, and then I told her to just lay back and enjoy it. Before she could say anything, Blackjack was lapping on her pussy like crazy.

Amy was starting to moan and groan, her eyes starting to roll back in her head. Blackjack licked with his big rough tongue and she loved every second of it. She spread her legs wider and wider to let him get his tongue in as far as he could. She was dripping wet, pussy juices flowing wildly and that big black dog was licking her clit and she knew she was going to cum. Blackjack had his tongue up in her pussy and her pussy was on fire, like she had never dreamed of before.

She popped her little ass up as far as she could, so he could lick her little asshole out too. He granted her that wish; he started to lick her ass like crazy, his rough tough taking in all of her woman juices. She started to cum and she screamed out in pleasure, her multiple orgasms driving her to the brink of passing out. Never had she had such pleasure and from an animal. When she finally stopped cumming, she was shaking from the experience.

She looked at me, Blackjack was still licking on her ass, and she was a little red faced. I told her that was OK, and I was glad she had enjoyed the experience. At that time, Blackjack had laid down and started to lick his big cock. It was still hard and sticking out. I was so horny, my dick was as hard as a rock, but I knew she wanted to be pleasured some more by our big friend.

Amy got him to come over and started to stroke his cock, it started to get harder and harder. Then to my utter surprise, she got down on the floor and put that hot dog cock in her mouth. She started to suck on the big lab until his dick grew and grew.

She was panting like a dog herself as she popped the huge dick in and out of her tiny mouth. Blackjack loved it too because he started to hump her mouth. Then she got up and bent over the couch with her round little ass sticking up and asked me to help our new friend find his way in. Her pussy was still dripping wet, and I helped guide Blackjack into her tight little pussy.

Blackjack started to hump like crazy, right from the start. He was humping as fast as he could, poking his big rod in and out of her. He must have been a full 9 or 10 inches now and she loved it. She was starting to scream with every thrust of the huge cock. Each time he thrusts into her, it Wife first dog sex a whooshing sound.

Amy was humping in rhythm with the mighty K9, meeting every thrust with his. She was ashamed but at the same time wanted him to fuck her, wanted his big dick ramming in and out of her with such force, she thought she would black out. Blackjack kept right on fucking her, he just continued on and on and on, must have went on for 20 or 30 minutes. Amy was panting and trying to catch her breath with each stroke of his animal tool. She just never wanted him out of her; she wanted his mighty dog rod in her forever now. His big dick had grown and grown and now his knot was taking over Amy.

I thought that at one time he would split her open; his tool was so big.

She started to scream more and more as the knot was really causing her some pain. After another minute or two, she seemed to be OK and was now enjoying it. He started to whine more and more and I knew that he was close to cumming. She loved that hot animal cum shooting off in her. She thought that it was soooooo hot!!!!

She loved it, she hoped that big dog cock just kept filling her up with his steamy cum. Blackjack kept on cumming until he finally tried to lay down, but he and Amy were tied up and they had to lay down together. Finally after awhile, the knot slowly went down, and Blackjack popped out of her. I could not believe the amount of dog cum that came out of her. It just gushed out of her pussy, and down her legs, thighs, and down into her little ass. She had been filled up with hot animal cum and I just loved it.

I went over and Amy took my swollen cock in her mouth and sucked on me till I came with a load in her mouth. I told her that was OK, as long as it was an animal and not another man. She said she would never fuck any another man but me, but she sure was going to fuck Blackjack again, as soon as she could. She also added that we needed a good dog of our own.

I told her that was OK with me. You must be logged in to post a comment. Search for:. She was amazed how big he was! About that time, Amy was whining and moaning too, her eyes still rolled back in her head.

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Wife first dog sex

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Wife first dog fuck